Maybe it is an age thing but I am totally confused!! Just what is a 'mod' these days?

Back in the sixties a mod was pretty well defined - sharp clothes, a love of black music (Soul, R&B, Ska, Blues, Jazz). We frequented dance halls and clubs. We had attitude (too much some would say!) and were leaders rather than followers - setting trends and fashions -

At least that was the case until the scene was usurped by the forces of commercialism when all of a sudden we were portrayed as followers rather than leaders who shopped in Carnaby St before heading down to The Scene on a Saturday night, parkas protecting our mohair suits before parking our scooters (adorned with a myriad of lights and mirrors) then showing off the latest dances we had learned from Patrick Kerr on RSG to the sounds of the Who and Small Faces!!! 

But what is a 'mod' today? Hopefully somebody can explain.  There do not seem to be any parameters?  As far as music is concerned it seems that almost anything is considered 'mod' I have seen mod sites featuring material by Oasis, Blur, Smiths, Stone Roses, sixties pop, two tone etc etc - almost anything and everything!

so - what do members perceive a modern day 'mod' to be. What are their definitions? Are there parameters to what can be classed as a 'mod' or should the term simply be kept to describe the original sixties culture?

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    • Surely not you Graham? You've still got it!

    • Train's gone past my station, I'm afraid... ;-)

  • I don't know if there is any one definition of what a Mod is unless it is very general. For example, something like "Mods often like Bebop, Soul, and the Blues and dress is nice clothes." But I think that it is very easy to agree that something is not Mod. There is a thread on this website called 

    The Most Stupidest Mod Related Thing You've Seen Lately...

    and I think everyone who is a Mod would turn up their nose at the items on that thread. Even in the days of the original Mods, there were different kinds of Mods. There were those that listened to Jazz in the late 50's and those that listened to the Small Faces in the mid 60's. My own opinion is that there are different kinds of Mods. I also think that there is an easy to draw line where Mod ends.

  • I think you're looking at the wrong sites John. A lot of comedy Mod sites on Facebook. There's still a cool underground Mod scene going on in certain clubs with smart dressed people dancing to predominantly black music from the 50's and 60's :-)

    • Hear, Hear !!

    • I have to agree with you Paddy in that the vast majority of Mods who attend these clubs are really clued about and knowledgeable. A lot of us have been into it for a year or two now right enough so we should be getting some things right ha ha
  • "Clean living under difficult circumstances."

    • Sorry mate but I'm a bit bored with this tired old cliche. It may have been appropriate for working class kids growing up in sixties London but in my house we always had hot water so had no problems being clean, and I don't recall any particularly 'difficult circumstances' (besides those relating to a clothing budget!) preventing me from doing my best to look decent. I'm pretty sure many / most people looking in would agree. Even those who did overcome difficult circumstances and managed to 'live clean' they are no further towards epitomising the sublime coolness of a face in a mohair suit and lightweight Italian shoes.
    • It's a metaphor for goodness sake, meaning you make the best of yourself no matter what, thats the true meaning of mod according to Pete Meaden but hey, what would he know? Nice to know you speak for the 'many/most' of Mods.

  • A state of mind, thought, being and poise

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