Maybe it is an age thing but I am totally confused!! Just what is a 'mod' these days?

Back in the sixties a mod was pretty well defined - sharp clothes, a love of black music (Soul, R&B, Ska, Blues, Jazz). We frequented dance halls and clubs. We had attitude (too much some would say!) and were leaders rather than followers - setting trends and fashions -

At least that was the case until the scene was usurped by the forces of commercialism when all of a sudden we were portrayed as followers rather than leaders who shopped in Carnaby St before heading down to The Scene on a Saturday night, parkas protecting our mohair suits before parking our scooters (adorned with a myriad of lights and mirrors) then showing off the latest dances we had learned from Patrick Kerr on RSG to the sounds of the Who and Small Faces!!! 

But what is a 'mod' today? Hopefully somebody can explain.  There do not seem to be any parameters?  As far as music is concerned it seems that almost anything is considered 'mod' I have seen mod sites featuring material by Oasis, Blur, Smiths, Stone Roses, sixties pop, two tone etc etc - almost anything and everything!

so - what do members perceive a modern day 'mod' to be. What are their definitions? Are there parameters to what can be classed as a 'mod' or should the term simply be kept to describe the original sixties culture?

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    • cheers for that i've wondered for years about that place ?

    • This sounds well observed frames (as usual). I would point out that those blokes from Mile End and Bethnal Green did not reserve that old pony for the Discotheque. in the mid sixties, the Krays would have been in their early thirties, they were desperate to keep the right side of these teenagers.

      That said, I hope it questions this sense you get in the media of a united band of brothers, changing the world and having the time of their lives. I remember going home after a night out and feeling gutted, when thing had not worked out. It is a bit like fishing in that regard, when you blank, you return determined to have a good result next time. 

      Good post I got a real sense of how it was. 

    • thanks for that Ian , sorry about the delay in getting back to you,  does anyone know when the last chance opened please ?   for some reason it's not talked about much when i thought it was kind of on-par with the others "scene"  "disc" but i guess it couldn't have been ? i think i caught the tail end of the great days "up west"  late 64 thru 65  i was just too young the scene (by all accounts) had been going for nearly two years and the disc it seems much longer than that ? missed out there didn't i  ha ha        regards   Dave

    • Unfortunately Randy Cozens passed away in July 2003. 
      He was, of course, famed for compiling the famous Mod Top 100 of  ‘real mod music’. which was published in Sounds in August 1979, and for founding the 6Ts Rhythm and Soul Club with Ady Croasdell (which is still running today at London's 100 Club and is the longest-running Northern Soul night ever) that same year.

    • frames did you know willie gilmore's mate micky whelan ? eddie sinnclair, or roger clancy ? west end faces from mile end ?       i would like to chat to a guy named randy cozens he's one of the only people who it seems frequented my club of choice "the last chance saloon"  i dont know why "the chance" doesn't get mentioned much it was on-par with la disc and the scene, same set-up same music but it was a little off the beaten track being on oxford st up there 50 yards from one of the entrances to tot ct rd station , rumour had it that because it was just outside the soho boundary the police didn't have the same rights of access to it as they had with other clubs that fell within the boundary , i practically lived in the last chance from nov 64 thru 65 and i never experienced a raid  phew !! ha ha  i loved it up west , walk-abouts in the wee small hours ham yard , excell ct off whitcombe st for the coffee-ann with a handfull of blues working on you ! great times

    • Blessed are the peacemakers

    • Did they have hair lips?

    • All Ye Who Read This:- Know that you are in the presence of Giants!

    • You saw Big John Patton? I envy you, I've been listening to all those Soul Jazz organists on Spotify just wondering what it would be like to hear them live. Patton, Jimmy Smith, and Jack McDuff are the three artists that got me into Jazz.

    • Who are you into jazzwise HS?

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