I will try this again as I tried to post and it appears to be lost!

I am about to get my tailor to produce a 2 piece.  But I am not sure which material to go for.

Plan A involves a black 2 weave 30% kid mohair/ 70% wool number which I hope will make me look like this..in dreams ..the bloke btw not the elegant woman!! 

Plan B is more loud and is as follows. And apparently even bigger than Rome in 1961 above! Its a dogstooth so the pattern is in fact smaller than here.

I have some patterned tab collars and they lend themselves better to the black ..but cannot make up my mind...

What would you do?!!

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    • Correct  - two weave black over Royal Blue amigo. The cloth I am looking at is from the same book..sadly same price tag too..

    • Just get the two made Robert will send you my sizes and if you don't like the mohair one I will kindly wear it for you
    • Good idea!

  • Mohair/wool mix every time for me. To be honest you need to go with what you like best it's you whos wearing it.
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    • Can you show an example of the cuff Ms Moneypenny?

      Yes mine is made in England..feel the quality..mind you it can get hot.indoors .who knows what a triple weave ie Tonik is like!!

    • My cuffs are normally 3 button, or two if I can get larger buttons.  That said this element is prob the least important to me...do not start me on lapels, or vents!!

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