• I suspect I'll be getting a few wee things from my boys - I know that one of them has bought me The Eyes album on vinyl brand new.

    One of my sons will be getting a new mod suit from me from of Mod Clothin.

  • Although I don't know what I'll be getting this Christmas seeing a recent photo in a book about buses brought back memories of an LP I got back in 1967.

    That year I had enough to record tokens to buy an LP. Being young and impatient I wanted to exchange them as soon as possible but our local (East Grinstead) record shop "The Slipped Disc" wouldn't be open until the 27th December. At that age a days wait seemed an eternity.But salvation was at hand! At the top of the town was Beattie's a stationers and tobacconists which also sold a few records, accepted record tokens and the shop was open on Boxing Day.

    So firing up the TV 175 I had by that time I ventured onto the mean but deserted streets of East Grinstead.

    Generally Beattie's only stocked naff records, Music For Pleasure, Jim Reeves etc., certainly  nothing hip that would attract a Mod in normal circumstances. Luckily none of my piers were around to see me enter such an uncool emporium.

    In amongst the dross was"Simon Dupree and the Big Sound's" album  "Without Reservations" The group was in the charts at the time with the hippyish "Kites", but the track listing showed a good selection of soul and r&b numbers.

    "60 Minutes Of Your Love" "A Lot Of Love" "What Is Soul" "Amen".I've never regretted buying that album as the group not only did great versions of those r&b and soul standards but there were some excellent original songs by the Shulman Brothers who were the core of the Group.Unfortunately Simon Dupree and The Big Sound were one hit wonders but later forged a new identity in the 1970's as Gentle Giant.

  • Received these in the post yesterday - a present suggested by myself to Michael to give to me this Xmas!

    Took it shopping with Barry John Poolen today!

    To put my newly-cleaned Vespa Adidas trainers inside!

    Number 2 out of a 100 drawn! :-D

    An XS Mens navy, white and blue gingham shirt - with blue buttons - designed by Melbourne label Jack London, as bought by Barry John Poolen to moi! Fits like a glove! That's 5 of JL's shirts I have now, including two white button-down Oxfords, one white penny collar and one black penny collar!

    Please ignore some of the crap on this site, but 98% is the business! I wish I could fit into a jacket to wear a suit! :-( Even if the smallest size in a jacket is a 34"...


  • From myself and the lady to myself- Woolrich arctic parka in black. I'm looking forward to popping that on in the middle of France on the weekend.


    I also have a pair of gun club check strides to collect from the tailors...


    Oh, and I've just ordered a new lambretta to be restored. But that's more of a long term thing.

    • is that the LI  you recently bought youre having restored nicky or is it something else ?

      • No the Li stays as it is.  Found a TV175 Series 3 for the resto.

        • thats good

          i thought you were going to restore the LI

          it suits the way it looks now

          • No chance of that happening. It stays as a time warp and i'll have the TV to satisfy the shiny magpie urges..


            I relish the chance to be a 'conservational' approach to ownership of a scooter.


  • Okay, guys, put up a couple of posts these last couple of weeks on Mod gifts:

    Personally, I'm hoping for that new Saul Bass coffee table book! Or the Hollywood and the Ivy Look book.

  • Just got myself a really nice early xmas present today. We have a Greenwoods just opened in town and they are having a 50% sale. I treated myself to a cashmere mix crombie overcoat. It cost me £100. Wot a bargain! It is well nice and dead warm!!!
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