• 3559648141?profile=RESIZE_930xPauline Boty, The Only Blonde In The World (1963) This is the original from Tate St. Ives, I bought a print of it there, but haven't had it framed yet. But it will be on my wall soon.

    • Absolutely love Boty’s work, never see any of it outside a book. Missed a big retrospective at the Pallent Gallery in Chichester in 2013, gutted. 

      Have you read Autumn by Ali Smith?  It’s a bit Marmite, I really enjoyed it. I read it with Sue Tates’s ‘Pauline Boty: Pop Artist and Woman’ open in the other hand.

    • Steve, I love Paulines work and if I ever came into money... I've read Sue Tate's book but i had to look up Ali's Autumn. On your recommendation I think I'll give it a go.


  • 3481483962?profile=RESIZE_930xA great poster from Berlin Film & TV Museum featuring one of my favourite Movie stars

  • Heres my wall, a kinda sixties theme from sunlight available most days. Orvieto 3424316088?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Looks great. Are you residing there permanently now, Robert?

    • Hi Kai 

      Nope six months last year and only two months. I have blagged it from a couple who want the place looked after! 


      Anyway a mad wall post but with a flower power theme.


      Best R

    • Sorry should say two months this! Doh!

    • Anyway... looks fantastic! The whole place as well as the wall, that is... ,-)

  • My all time favourite movie; Bus Shelter size poster from the States, curtesy of my favourite lady and Prince Buster, bought for me by sister on my last visit to Leeds. 


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