• Rather psychedelic! :-)

    • Nice mid-century offerings chaps.  As with watches, clocks don’t figure high on my list of ‘must haves’.  The only working item is the digital timer on the oven!! 

      But, as I’ve mentioned before, that doesn’t stop me looking.  This Eames ‘Hang It All’ inspired model (I have the coat rack but, to be honest, you can’t see it for coats and football shirts) would be my first choice - if I had wall space. ;o)



    • Love it!

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    • How nice to have a personal connection to the art you own Billy, really cool piece. Of course, me and Kai are looking over your shoulder to see what else you have; The Who at The Roundhouse, surely not supported by The The in 1968‽ ;o)

    • I think we're all guilty of that, Billy! I can admit that...

    • Brilliant,Billy, I love that John Stephen print. The company also does beautiful ones of the Avengers (Peel & Steed not Marvel... :-))

    • Gotta say Billy, that’s a really lovely pile of ‘crap’ you’ve amassed there!! Really like the old school gig posters - what fantastic line ups . I read that that banner style was the direct descend of boxing match and circus posters - maybe‽ 

      i would have been too young for the Roundhouse gig but did see The Who with The Faces on the same bill at The Oval cricket ground in ‘71.  Atomic Rooster (with Chris Farlow) we’re also on the bill  (formed from the rememnants of Arthur Brown’s Crazy World) so close, but no cigar  

       Goodbye Summer

      Goodbye Summer - Concert for Bangladesh - The Oval 9-18-71
      oncert for bangladesh the oval 9-18-71,The Who,The Faces ,Cochise,America,Atomic Rooster,Quintessence,Grease Band,lindesfarne, setlists, r…
    • That's impressive, Billy!

  • 2667576828?profile=RESIZE_930xBack in the living room: The iconic entrance of Hotel Weinstock, where the BIG german Mod Weekender takes place once a year ( 11 days to go, yeah!!!), by graphic novelist and top Mod Tobi Dahmen. 

    • Nice!  Have this in my book collection, now I’m looking for prints!! 


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