• Like that Steve, I have a Blow up Movie poster.

    • Nice!

  • This made it onto my wall recently, overprinted with my attempt at a sonnet to capture the day (called it 1969 as a spirit of skinhead thing, although the picture is from 1968, the day I got the suit). 


    • Fantastic. In 1968 I used to wear nappies. My mother was keen to ensure a perfect fit.


    • Very impressive, Steve!

  • As we're renting, we're constantly nagging the agent to ask the landlord to hang stuff up in our new place. Still no reply. The last place was fantastic! There are a few things we have up - due to existing hooks in place - but I will have to put up some photos up of items that we do have up (or not) instead... Give me some time, as I have been so preoccupied with other things. That is why I haven't been posting lately... :-(

    • Good to see you back MG. At the risk of turning this into a DIY tips thread, have a look at 3M Command strips (Amazon). My daughter rents and swears by these. No pictures crashing unexpectedly off the walls (yet) - unlike like the telly that her dad bracket mounted for her!!!  (_8(!)  Doh!

      PS  Have sent you a PM

  • 2746928647?profile=RESIZE_930xTwo more from the kitchen.

  • 2742353506?profile=RESIZE_930xI quite like the clock on our kitchen wall.

    • Don't mind my kitchen clock either Kai.2743782675?profile=RESIZE_930x

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