• Hi Kai 

      Nope six months last year and only two months. I have blagged it from a couple who want the place looked after! 


      Anyway a mad wall post but with a flower power theme.


      Best R

    • Sorry should say two months this! Doh!

    • Anyway... looks fantastic! The whole place as well as the wall, that is... ,-)

  • My all time favourite movie; Bus Shelter size poster from the States, curtesy of my favourite lady and Prince Buster, bought for me by sister on my last visit to Leeds. 


    • Great flick. 

      Did you know Luke was an allegory for Jesus? Lots of oblique references - the miracle of the fifty eggs, turning the other cheek in the boxing, the final ‘why have you forsaken me’ in the church, George Kennedy as St Peter swept up in it all, JD Cannon as doubting Thomas (“no one can eat fifty eggs”) ...

    • Yeah, I’ve seen the reading of the film but the religious iconography is a bit scattered for me to make a coherent case for an allegory. Don’t think JC ever cut the heads off parking meters (or was he throwing money lenders out of the temple? You can make just about anything fit the premise). Kennedy is also billed as Judas for betraying Luke at the end. Whatever the inconsistencies, it’s still a fabulous movie about the battle against “The Man”, staying true to yourself and the idea of joy as a form of resistance - I absolutely love it. 

    • Yeah some of it is a bit vague but an interesting perspective. 

      I read the book a long time ago which was very good, written from the point of view of one of the chain gang. I think the writer had been a convict himself. 

    • Another on for the reading list then Rob, that’ll make the stack around 20 feet high. ;o)

  • The something I came to post; So there I was, sizing up a kitchen cabinet for refurbishment, opened it up (it’s been a while) and out fell this hoard of Art Gallery postcards and stickers . Not on the wall yet but there’s a collage in there, just waiting to happen.


    • Yes indeed, I reckon that'd look great! Maybe I'll have a go at that myself... :-)

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