• Cheers Steve, fancy finding a stash of her work in her Brothers barn. The mind boggles.

  • 3481483962?profile=RESIZE_930xA great poster from Berlin Film & TV Museum featuring one of my favourite Movie stars

    • Only just saw this, Mike; looks great!

    • Can’t find an online shop - maybe a good thing! LOL

    • I'm not surprised there's no online shop. I bought it at the Museum. They never had what I'd call a shop. I asked the ticket seller if they sold any of the posters they had around the museum and she said which one? €10 later Bob's yer Uncle!


  • Heres my wall, a kinda sixties theme from sunlight available most days. Orvieto 3424316088?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Looks great. Are you residing there permanently now, Robert?

    • Hi Kai 

      Nope six months last year and only two months. I have blagged it from a couple who want the place looked after! 


      Anyway a mad wall post but with a flower power theme.


      Best R

    • Sorry should say two months this! Doh!

    • Anyway... looks fantastic! The whole place as well as the wall, that is... ,-)

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