• I love that John Lennon photo that you posted earlier in this thread, but this tops it. Stones ace it.


    • Thanks Mike much appreciated mate

    • Wow, that looks good. My ex Boss got an original photograph of the Beatles signed by Astrid Kirchherr that I hope to inherit some day! ;-)

    • Oh, wonderful! I 'just' got my signed Klaus Voormann drawing, which is somewhere at the beginning of this thread...

    • I saw it and love it Kai. must say I'd like to have that photograph myself 

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  • 3559648141?profile=RESIZE_930xPauline Boty, The Only Blonde In The World (1963) This is the original from Tate St. Ives, I bought a print of it there, but haven't had it framed yet. But it will be on my wall soon.

    • Absolutely love Boty’s work, never see any of it outside a book. Missed a big retrospective at the Pallent Gallery in Chichester in 2013, gutted. 

      Have you read Autumn by Ali Smith?  It’s a bit Marmite, I really enjoyed it. I read it with Sue Tates’s ‘Pauline Boty: Pop Artist and Woman’ open in the other hand.

    • Steve, I love Paulines work and if I ever came into money... I've read Sue Tate's book but i had to look up Ali's Autumn. On your recommendation I think I'll give it a go.


    • Article in The New York Times about Pauline in the obituaries series “Overlooked”. No new revelations but worth a read for a quick biography.3727867358?profile=RESIZE_710x


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