• I was born into a Mod area in London Shepherd Bush W12. The local band at the time was The Who. They used to play down the Goldhawk Social Club. Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band / The Moody Blues/ George Fame and the Blue Flames were other bands around London. Its in me blood no excuses and not ashamed, to still be a MOD after all these years...Still loving my Scoots.........   

  • I started in 78 when I came back from London with all Mod's fashion bought in Carnaby street nice clothes Vespa & Lambretta back to the 60's  consciousness and also for the opposition to the rockers and punk on this time in Brussels.That was a time with a lot of movements and by the way a lot of conflicts. But for my side I was convinced by a working-class movement with highly stylized costume and short hair listened to good sound music such as the Who, the Jam and Madness, The special and scooters. I had on this time a Lambretta 150 Blue azur and white went out to the West side. Beau Brussel We were 7 Mods in this Jette Band. My actual Wife remember me with my green parkas black costume, creeks and my Lambretta. 

    Now I coming back to the movement because day by day I feel that ma passion on Mod"s style, Music and scooter is really in me and never give up and in the future I suppose that I will meet old friends to share this culture and passion.

    It is good to be here with the Mod Generation

    Nice to meet you next year in Brighton 

  • One of the first Mod in Brussels in '78 - I came in a Lambretta 's shop with my wife and my kids last time and a guy said - "Look one of he oldiest Mod of Brussels". I believed I will come back to my old pleasure Vespa/Lamretta/Music/style and Mod 's all pleasure and Brighton in 2014. Step by step I met the community and enjoy the poeple inside with same vision and value. 

  • cooooooooooool comment, utterly Mod if I may so so

  • Being a mod means never wearing a baseball hat as they are purely for drug dealers , doleites & bellends,

    • so now i know what to buy my pusher for xmas


    • ha ha the bellend society

  • I'm not sure if I even class myself as a MOD.  I am inspired by the MOD's and I prefer to wear that style.


    Another reason I'm not sure if I can clas myself as a mod is I work from home and I have to be comfortable to work.  i always wear shirts but I also wear casual trousers, not very mod. 


    As for music theres no question that a lot of it is the mod stuff, but I also listen to loads of other stuff, I dont see the point in avoiding certain types of music because people say its uncool.


    As I work from home I rarely get the chance to 'dress up' that irritates me as I like the idea of others seeing my clothes.


    So is it important to be dressed up 24/7?

    • Fair enough Kai, I sometimes feel I'm not being genuine because I'm not all modded up all the time, sounds silly just writing that..  I guess its an individual thing and being a mod means different things to different people, whether you live and breath it 24/7 or not.

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