What was your first vinyl 45 bought as a Mod ?

We have had some enjoyable discussions about what peoples favourite tracks are, but what was the first record that you bought as a Mod. My own (reflecting my initial plastic Mod status) was 'Do Nothing' by the Specials in November 1980. I had actually bought their LP a month before that but that was the first single. If you have the courage you could also reveal what your first record was full stop. Mine was the same as the first as a Mod as prior to that I had been just a wee Ned with no thoughts of spending what little money I had on records.

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  • My very first Mod single was supposed to be The Beat - Tears of a clown but it ended up being the Smokey Robinson and the Miracles version on an LP. My dad made me buy it.  Lol I cried my little heart out all the way home thnking the other kids would laugh, they did,  Looking back though, it turned out to be the only good advice he ever gave me.

    • Strangely enough I think your dad was on the mark with his advice mate. I do like the Beat quite a lot tbh but to me there is no comparison between their cover and the original 'Tears of a Clown' by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles.

  • I was lucky, in that I went from soulie to mod so already had a half decent soul collection to start with. But my first real 'genuine' mod vinyl purchase was a 45' by Unit Four Plus Two - Concrete and Clay and The Small Faces - Greatest Hits album. I modelled my style off that LP for years ;0)

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    • Brilliant compilation Chris. I bought my copy in Virgin Megastore on Union Street back in the day. A great choice, as I think it was the first Small Faces compilation with the Decca and Immediate hits on the same LP. I asked Mac to sign it for me as we chatted over a pint of Guinness after his gig at the Half Moon in Putney a year or so before he died, (probably same tour you saw him in Glasgow). When I showed him the LP, he said; “What the f**k is that? We never released that!”. They were ripped off right to the end. He did sign it for me when I also produced my folded out version of Ogden’s at the picture of Mac. He signed that too and my old BOAC bag. Top bloke. He chatted to everyone and hung around for another pint or two and had time for all there. He was just one of us, but a lot more talented near a Hammond organ!

    • Was likely the same tour David. I cannot remember exactly but I would say either 2011 or 13. I was really impressed with Ian Mac as a person. He was like a god to me yet he gave everyone as much time as they wanted. I got a couple of books signed plus my Small Faces spare wheel cover. An incredible talent, a genuine legend, and a totally down to earth top guy. They used to say you should never meet your heroes as you will only be disappointed. I have met two legends in Ian Mac and Martha Reeves and i have to say they were great people with big hearts.

    • Concrete and Clay is a song I really liked back in the day Gary. I remember that Small Faces LP very well. The one I bought was the one with the picture of the rockers being presented with a commemorative deckchair at Brighton by a couple of very generous Modsha ha

  • Me and my mod mates queued up outside Woolco in Cumbernauld Town Centre, (next to the St Enochs Clock in the Plaza - re Gregory’s Girl), waiting for the doors to open. It had been a long time since we had seen Elton Rifles on Top Of The Pops, we knew all the words to every track on All Mod Cons and Setting Sons, but this was the first 45 we were gonna buy. We wanted the picture sleeve. We wanted the bonus live 45. We wanted to get it straight to No. 1. We didn’t want Woolworth’s poor little cousin to punch holes in the top corner of the picture sleeve to hang the prized possessions from steel rods fixed onto temporary partitions in the music section of their rubbish store. Did any other 13 year olds make their own cover for the bonus Live at the Rainbow 45 rpm.




    • Sadly it would have been impossible for me at that time David, due to the fact I was 15. I also did not get into the Mod thing until the Autumn of that year. Desoite that I loved the single at the time. Without googling I am sure that and Geno by Dexys came out around the same time, two fantastic tracks.

  • Image result for all around the world the jam

    I bought it on Record Store Day 2015 for £2 from the unpriced section in Rose Red Records in Boscombe.

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