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Thought it might be useful to add a discussion thread for what's on TV, which we can use to recommend or discuss TV shows.  I will start it off - Tonight (Monday 1st March) one to watch "The Who Classic Albums on Sky Arts 1 @ 9pm


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  • Tonight (Thu Feb 7th) 9pm on BBC4 Danny Bakers Great album showdown. Don't know much about it, but the theme is R'n'B and the guests are Martin Freeman, Mica Paris and Trevor Nelson so could be worth watching, if you can handle an hour of Danny Baker.

  • Lainy,chris and all,what you reckon to the new Weller video?
    Love the track and he was looking top in his suit and scarf..
    • I did like the video Gareth, and the song was very good. Paul Weller will always be the coolest dude around as far as I am concerned, but I can't say in all reality that I rate his pin stripped suit look. Its more like Chicago c.1934 than London c.1964.
    • to be fair this is england is set in the 80s ( not how we would like to remember them ) and some of us did wear trilbys like that and the gas cape parka that i started with was worse than his 

    • LOL...Very funny but...he's an actor. Not a Mod. Wait till they do 'This is England 89/90' he'll be wearing a Stone Roses T'shirt.

      I was and still do sometimes. But i'm not a actor. [Ha Ha].

    • god i cant stand those two, that taller boys forehead is getting bigger, what size of helmet would fit that enormous dome.

    • Next Thursday at 00:30 on Channel 4 the Fred Perry subcultures episode on Mods.

    • At that time! Urgh... I'll be in bed for work the next day. Why does all the good TV start at midnight?

    • Damn!

      Missed it, I usually watch that too.

    • I thought it was brill Gareth and my son kyle has watched it again n again. Thought the track was really great n how good did he look....was also brill to see Steve Craddock playin alongside Weller.
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