What's on your turntable right now?

Hi guys,I am curious to know what your playing right now or any songs that seems to be always hanging around your turntable.I am sure I'm going to discover some cool tracks.So... don't be shy and let me know.As far as I am concerned this one since to be always around and playing at the moment: Cheers,Laurent,Les BOF!

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    All I can really say about this is, if you have the time watch the whole concert. It's a personal thing, but I don't think there's ever been anybody to touch her in this music.


  • Always great to find something new. Will check them out over the weekend.

    Holy crap. Alvin Cash and the Crawlers with Twine Time absolutely floored me coming over the radio waves on KPOO FM in San Francisco. Am currently checking out other titles and the quality is consistent. Nothing like discovering gold from fifty years ago. Check out Alvin Cash Windy City Workout on the Charly label. Absolute dynamite.
  • A little bit of SKA fun tonight.

    • A change is as good as a rest Snow Runner some good selections on there.

    • Yes indeed Gary. I loved all the two tone stuff back in the day. But this is the real deal!
    • It most certainly is the real deal and each has their own time and place. It's given me an urge to dig out all my Trojan box sets for the weekend ;0)

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