What's on your turntable right now?

Hi guys,I am curious to know what your playing right now or any songs that seems to be always hanging around your turntable.I am sure I'm going to discover some cool tracks.So... don't be shy and let me know.As far as I am concerned this one since to be always around and playing at the moment: Cheers,Laurent,Les BOF!

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    • I'm a big fan of Abbey Lincoln myself, who also was accompanied by high potential line ups on her early 60s recordings (often billed as Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach). Will definitely look into those you recommended; cheers!
    • You are welcome Kai. Abbey Lincoln is a fine singer. I don't buy much these day, I tend to cheat and peruse the jazzsingerschannel on you tube.

      I know of a German bloke though who appears to live in record shop judging by some of the pics he posts, lucky sod.

    • Who could that be, haha!
  • Despite the film it's my favourite Who album.

    • I have to agree there. A brilliant album, that stands the ultimate test of time.

    • That's the Key Gary, it still sounds fresh to me.

  • It's taken a few years for me to get to grips with this album, but I shall persevere nontheless... Crazy baby!


    • Yes that album is lauded but I have to say I struggle to listen to jazz, just bores me.

    • It is a struggle to some Dave. The penny never dropped for me until aged 40 and even then it was the more rhythmic, melodic styles of Kenny Burrell and George Benson at first. Jazz is a massive, subdivided, well loved genre with something there for everyone. For myself personally, it's the modern jazz route that I find the most satisfying. While still trying to find my way around bebop, hard-bop, free jazz fusion, progressive chords, scales and the like ;0)

    • Its a great classic Jazz album. Like many it has to be listened to properly and with an open mind!

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