What's on your turntable right now?

Hi guys,I am curious to know what your playing right now or any songs that seems to be always hanging around your turntable.I am sure I'm going to discover some cool tracks.So... don't be shy and let me know.As far as I am concerned this one since to be always around and playing at the moment: Cheers,Laurent,Les BOF!

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    • I never tire of this album SR.

    • Always liked her.

    • Lovely voice with a timeless sound that could debut today and not be out of place.

    • Yes. Timeless being the operative word.

    • She looked so cool back then...probbaly still does. Didn't that album get associated with yuppies, that's my weird memory of that LP.

  • Over the past couple of weeks




  • Got the urge to give this a spin, after hearing "Needle in a haystack", in a shop today.

    • I got that very same one.

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