What's on your turntable right now?

Hi guys,I am curious to know what your playing right now or any songs that seems to be always hanging around your turntable.I am sure I'm going to discover some cool tracks.So... don't be shy and let me know.As far as I am concerned this one since to be always around and playing at the moment: Cheers,Laurent,Les BOF!

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    • Dave, I think music is the difference between Moderninst and Mods. I was fortunate to see Coleman Hawkins live in the sixties. He was almost Godlike in jazz circles. He was the first to dispense with the obligatory play the tune and then improvise. He did this with Body and Soul. Which just happens to be one of my favourite songs anyway.

      The point is i was about twent two or three and Hawkins was sixty three.  I saw him with my mate was about twenty five

      . I always got the feeling that most of the people in The Marquee and Flamingo were there because of the clothes and the style associated with being a Modernist. Scotts when it was in Gerrard Street wasn't like that it was pretty scruffy and mainly older people who did not wear the gear. The forgoing were the three places for Soho Modernists. Anyone who says otherwise wasn't there.I,m seventy eight but look a good fortnight younger, so I doubt there are many left who can argue the point.

      Compare that with what happenned when the Mods came along. These were kids listening to band that where not much older than they were. I was a Soho Modernist for about three or tops four years. From what I have read on here when Original Mods posted this was how long there Mod experience lasted.

      I still see posts on here from people who still listen to Georgie Fame, he is seventy five now so it seems to me that is not too different from me going to see Coleman Hawkins

      I think you are right insofar that the pleasure that music gives is as much about memory and experience as it is about the moment and I suppose the influences are carried on by successive bands, so it is not surprising that it can sound familiar.

      I think yours is an interesting post because it questions what is happening and I am always interested in ideas.  I would welcome it if you could develop what you mean. I may not get it or agree with it, but I would like to hear what you have to say. We used to have some interesting discussions on here, it would certainly make a change.




    • I actually think you're spot on and maybe like John said you might be clairvoyant because I have been questioning whether I am a mod or a modernist recently.

      And I definately now class myself more as a modernist than a mod.  But back in the day Mod's seem to be forward thinking, but now mods seem to have a yearning for the nostalgic which seems to me the antithesis of both the original mods and all modernists.

    • I don't think your point of view makes you isolated. When I first read about the Mods and Rockers it did not even occur to me that Mod was an abbreviation of Modernist because the idea of Modernist conducting themselves in such a manner had not crossed my mind. I was outraged.

      The truth is that the original Modernist and Mod scenes/fashion probably had a life span of ten years or so. There are of course now  "experts" who were not even alive at the time "educating" people by way of books and articles. Unless I was the exception, I knew what was going on in my life and the immediate circle in which I moved. Most of my contempories were not Modernists. To me Modernist referred to those who were into Modern jazz. It always seemd to me that because the clothes identified you as a Modernist and "cool" young people naturally gravitated to it.           What I do know is that there wern't enough Modern jazz venues to accommodate the numbers of people I saw out and about dressed as Modernists.

      It wa not until I joined MG that I knew what the Mod scene was about. With the benefit of hindsight I now appreciate that it was teenagers for the first time creating their own culture. I was a young Ted as well. I knew married men with kids who though of themselves as Teds. I was a young Modernist, the first "proper" Modernist I saw I had known for years through my elder brothers. He was ex National Serviceman and been on the Suez invasion in 1956. By proper I mean the music and the clothes.

      Sorry for the longwinded intro but the point I would make is that whatever Modernist/Mod had did not die. It went to sleep for a while and then revived. The reason for that is not important, what is important is that there will always be young people coming along that do not want to be part of the main herd because they want a bit of "style". Unless they have their own ideas of what that is, they just as well join the herd, at the same time they are want to acknowledge their roots. I understand that and I am still thrilled that there are still people out there picking up the torch, not that I have ever play any Mod music unless you include The Beatles.

      I hate the corporate dimension to Mod/Modernism. I see people on the Dress of the Day thread post a picture and others detail the label of every item of clothing they are wearing, hardly, individual. At the same time I am wearing shirts bought for me by   my family for years that are good, smart and reliable brands.

      The clothes side apart, when it comes to music, it is taste not opinion. I occasionally have people tell me they hate a particular food that I enjoy. I have not yet had anyone suggest that I should not eat it because they didn't like it. Music is there to enjoy I can think of no other criteria.

      I see a lot more "Modern Jazz" on the music thread now. Obviously I approve. Many of the "modern" jazz music was recorded eighty plus years ago. If there is a better Blues/Jazz singer than Bessie Smith I haven't heard them. Some of her stuff will be a hundred years old shortlly.

      Nobody owns Mod/Modernism. I happen to think that nothing compares with the times I  lived through in the late fifties/early sixties. I hope everybody feels the same about the time they had or are having


    • I would imagine most people know exactly what you are tbh.

    • what's that supposed to mean?

      I take it you think I'm not genuine for some reason?s and posts on various mod forums and you'll see what I mean and why I posted what I did.

      Maybe the truth hurts.

    • To me you come across as someone who is on here merely as a way to try and wind people up. You often critisize members for being stuck in the past due to the music they post. Like everyone you are perfectly entitled to hold that opinion but why stay on a site when you hold its members in such disdain ? I know quite a few people from the site and I know for definite that their choice in music is not always reflected by what they post here. Maybe they have this strange idea that they should refrain from posting about music or fashion that does not come under the Mod umbrella.

    • Well all I can say is that's not my intention.

      I don't hold any member in disdain, in fact quite the opposite, the people on here seem very friendly and even if I think that maybe more modern music would be a good thing it doesn't mean I dislike them that would be absurd.

      It could well be that as this is a mod forum then more 'mod' music will be posted, but my concern was more a general one as the years pass i see more and more mods seemingly become obsessed with the past, I just don't think that's healthy for the scene.

      I apologize if my comments were taken as overtly critical.

    • Dave I must say I am immediateiy suspicious of anyone who accuses me of being intelligent,. I cannot remember  it happening on MG before  :-)

      I have looked back a few months on this thread and note that you have posted stuff you have been playing and it has been received politely enough, with some approval and the usual link comments. So I suppose if people suddenly feel that you are being less than polite, it should come as no great surprise if you are given a pull..This does not mean that your opinion is not valid but it is going to be less well received if some are offended by the presentation. We are all capable of doing it.

      I have only attended one Mod gig. It was about five years ago when a MG member was trying to promote a Peppermint Lounge in Wimbledon. The people who attended were pefectly nice and the DJ played music that nobody liked, all night. Obviously I am not an expert on these things, but I would assume that playing music that the paying punters enjoy is not a bad starting point. I wouldn't have minded but I had brushed up my Black Lace moves.

      I asked you for some idea of what your direction of travel is. You ruled nothing Modern out but just wanted great music, not just forty year old music, much of which you agreed is great. It is hard to disagree with any of that but you did not mention what this new great music is.. I understand your frustration but people attend venues to enjoy themselves. Surely everyone would love some great new music.

      I would like to hear any stuff that you feel may qualify. I would certainly give it a go if you posted some. I think that is more likely to promote your cause which in itself has merit. 




    • Right!

    • I,ll inbox you on FB later Kai ;-)

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