What's on your turntable right now?

Hi guys,I am curious to know what your playing right now or any songs that seems to be always hanging around your turntable.I am sure I'm going to discover some cool tracks.So... don't be shy and let me know.As far as I am concerned this one since to be always around and playing at the moment: Cheers,Laurent,Les BOF!

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    • I would imagine most people know exactly what you are tbh.

    • what's that supposed to mean?

      I take it you think I'm not genuine for some reason?s and posts on various mod forums and you'll see what I mean and why I posted what I did.

      Maybe the truth hurts.

    • To me you come across as someone who is on here merely as a way to try and wind people up. You often critisize members for being stuck in the past due to the music they post. Like everyone you are perfectly entitled to hold that opinion but why stay on a site when you hold its members in such disdain ? I know quite a few people from the site and I know for definite that their choice in music is not always reflected by what they post here. Maybe they have this strange idea that they should refrain from posting about music or fashion that does not come under the Mod umbrella.

    • Well all I can say is that's not my intention.

      I don't hold any member in disdain, in fact quite the opposite, the people on here seem very friendly and even if I think that maybe more modern music would be a good thing it doesn't mean I dislike them that would be absurd.

      It could well be that as this is a mod forum then more 'mod' music will be posted, but my concern was more a general one as the years pass i see more and more mods seemingly become obsessed with the past, I just don't think that's healthy for the scene.

      I apologize if my comments were taken as overtly critical.

    • Dave I must say I am immediateiy suspicious of anyone who accuses me of being intelligent,. I cannot remember  it happening on MG before  :-)

      I have looked back a few months on this thread and note that you have posted stuff you have been playing and it has been received politely enough, with some approval and the usual link comments. So I suppose if people suddenly feel that you are being less than polite, it should come as no great surprise if you are given a pull..This does not mean that your opinion is not valid but it is going to be less well received if some are offended by the presentation. We are all capable of doing it.

      I have only attended one Mod gig. It was about five years ago when a MG member was trying to promote a Peppermint Lounge in Wimbledon. The people who attended were pefectly nice and the DJ played music that nobody liked, all night. Obviously I am not an expert on these things, but I would assume that playing music that the paying punters enjoy is not a bad starting point. I wouldn't have minded but I had brushed up my Black Lace moves.

      I asked you for some idea of what your direction of travel is. You ruled nothing Modern out but just wanted great music, not just forty year old music, much of which you agreed is great. It is hard to disagree with any of that but you did not mention what this new great music is.. I understand your frustration but people attend venues to enjoy themselves. Surely everyone would love some great new music.

      I would like to hear any stuff that you feel may qualify. I would certainly give it a go if you posted some. I think that is more likely to promote your cause which in itself has merit. 




    • Right!

    • I,ll inbox you on FB later Kai ;-)

    • That would be interesting to hear, Alan! ;-)

    • I am far too busy moaning on FB Kai......Ha-ha. Though I do not frequent or post much on MG these days, I do check in most days and read peoples posts, which I still find interesting and often informative. With regards to what I am witnessing here ref: the trolling, Mmmmm not sure. Dave has been on here a fair amount of time to be just here to piss people off and so far he hasn,t been rude to me or slated anything I,ve put on, musically or otherwise, so I would have to reserve judgement, not that I am qualified to judge anyway. I do remember a certain member of MG a few years back, who went by the name of Dr Feelgood, who steamed members up to the point of them leaving the site, even as far as being rude towards some members sexual orientation. I didn,t comment but sat back and read some of his posts with astonishment and wondered how admin hadn,t removed him. I think Dave D, is an angel compared with this chap...........Ha-ha. With regards to input Kai, yes you are right, I need to up my game, but I,m not listening to music, spending on clothes or even getting out and about as much these days, so I,m a little devoid of contributions. We (the missus and I) have been making plans for 2019 and 2020 respectively and have came up with some idea,s, with regards to weekenders etc.....

    • Chris, I for one will from now on only respond to people who I know are real, people that I can put a face to... there's enough of them on here and I know they're all great people. 

      David Kerr and Alan S., some more input please! ;-)

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