What's on your turntable right now?

Hi guys,I am curious to know what your playing right now or any songs that seems to be always hanging around your turntable.I am sure I'm going to discover some cool tracks.So... don't be shy and let me know.As far as I am concerned this one since to be always around and playing at the moment: Cheers,Laurent,Les BOF!

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    • Morning Gary

      I was looking back over some posts this morning and found this from you.  You are of course completely correct. We must embrace the modern to move forward or in fact to even stand still. A little of both can be enjoyed I feel. I have a smart phone and cd player.  But I ride a px and wear tweed suits. It is attitude rather than things that Mark a person as who they are. I love to see New and young people on here rather than Facetube.  I hope to hear from you soon and that you are out on the water.

    • Totally agree Gary, i guess you can't please everyone though, but there's no question some mods seem to think if it aint '60's' it aint no good, clothes that look 60's, scooters from the 60's music from the 60's etc etc...and then the bands they do like are 60's derivatives but this is somehow them embracing modern times lol. 

      I see myself more and more of a modernist than a mod, too many people constantly harking back to times past seemingly forgetting why mod existed in the first place.

    • I may go back to sleep but you definitely need to waken up ....mate :0)

    • I believe you have totally missed my point Chris. Never mind, go back to sleep mate and enjoy your dream world ;0)

    • Yes it is Kai, to be honest and JP's collection is stunning, but one has to be an enthusiast as well as a Mod to finance such extravagances.

    • Like Chris says; of course we do have one foot in the '60s, though I like to see it as a kind of timeless style. Not adverse to the occasional two button and even like the design of this scooter here. My favourite Album of 2018 is Leon Bridges' Good Thing, which radically left the 60s image and sound of its' forerunner behind. My favourite band remains St Etienne (well, apart from the Beatles maybe... :-)) and new acts like MF Robots are always welcome! ;-)1834124333?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Its always great to see your view on things Gary but in this instance I just dont see things the same way. I dont for example see any evidence of Mods, or people who are into the scene avoiding a move into the 21st century. I am sure we all have up to date tv's, cars, phones and all sorts of other stuff so no avoidance there. It is certainly true that there has always been a slight conflict with the Mod scene and being modern since the revival in 79. I suppose that just goes along with the territory when there is a revival of a youth cult that had died out more than a decade previously. We wore and still wear gear that is very 1960s styled, so that is not exactly modern but what is the alternative ? We could obviously just wear the ordinary, everyday stuff you see all the time on the high street and still go to the clubs and events. That is generally what happens at mainstream scooter rallies so plenty of people do that and have their own scene. 

      For me its all a matter of taste. I love hearing new music that I really like but to me there is not enough of it around.

      I know you ride a modern auto Vespa, and maybe are just plain fed up with the negativity and lack of appreciation such machines get. To me it is yet again about personal choice. Whilst I do not particularly like the look of the autos I would never deride anyone for having a different opinion to mine. The way things are going everything will be all electric in the not too distant future so even the modern scooters will be obsolete. If our scene goes the same way so be it. No doubt that would be sad but no more sad than than trying to square the circle in order to attract new blood. The mainstream scooterist scene have been trying to do exactly that for a good while now and I do not see any great evidence of youngsters getting involved in that in any great numbers.

      I can understand your annoyance mate, it will probably always be the case that an Li like the one above will gain more plaudits and attention than a modern auto. That to me is just a matter of taste and nothing to do with people not being prepared to embrace modernity.





    • That’s why I’m holding out till Scomadi get their act together and get distribution over here to America. 

      For me that’s the way forward - all the sleek appearance of an SX but with modern technology under the hood. I’ve yet to see a scooter as cool as an SX, nor a car as cool as an E Type, but the technology is as old as me! If I come up on the lotto expect to see me in one of those E types that is completely rebuilt with a modern engine, injectors, A/C etc !

    • Do anything you wanna do (shrugs)... but you have to admit Ralphs scooter is the dogs b*ll*cks! :-D

    • Looking at this photo/image, amongst many today, I see so many paradoxical images... Is it time for "The Mods" to move on and into the 21st Century? You get slagged for having a modern Vespa, yet iphones, technics systems and turntables along with numerous other items and incidents (all superb modern implements and technology, I hasten to add) are embraced and a blind eye turned. Nostalgia while good for some commercially, tends to take the best of the past and compare it to the worst of the present. There were lots of youngsters looking at in-roads into the mod scene but all seem to have dropped off and gone elsewhere with the pesimistic and sometimes hostile puritanical attitudes of one or more so called (I use the term lightly) 'Original Mods'. I personally believe that unless we get down and with it, the scene will end up dead and forgotten as it did with the 60's lot. 'Mod' is in danger of eating itself and leaving nothing but the crumbs of it's inclusive, new, modern and international existentialism ;0)  

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