What's on your turntable right now?

Hi guys,I am curious to know what your playing right now or any songs that seems to be always hanging around your turntable.I am sure I'm going to discover some cool tracks.So... don't be shy and let me know.As far as I am concerned this one since to be always around and playing at the moment: Cheers,Laurent,Les BOF!

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    • Nice bit of modern R&B that. I've had it as a Spotify favourite for a week or two.


  • Just bought this limited edition vinyl, awaiting the package. Only 300 and released in 2016, I didn't think I had a hope of getting one. I'm playing the digital version at the moment.


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  • 3662986562?profile=RESIZE_930xVisit to Essens finest record shop yesterday...

    • As I have said before Kai, bonkers band, negiligible drumming == loads of mods except me love em= what do I know???!!!!!

    • Hope you're not refering to the John Coltrane Quartet, Robert...!? ;-)

  • 3651740162?profile=RESIZE_930xA slice of classic Motown üü

    • Kai, I think this is the best Martha & The Vandellas  LP. That looks mint for a 1966 disc , is it a re-release?


    • Yes, Spain, 1984, Mike. But even that makes it 35 years old... ;-)

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