What's on your turntable right now?

Hi guys,I am curious to know what your playing right now or any songs that seems to be always hanging around your turntable.I am sure I'm going to discover some cool tracks.So... don't be shy and let me know.As far as I am concerned this one since to be always around and playing at the moment: Cheers,Laurent,Les BOF!

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  • Came with Blues Mag. Some good Rockin Blues on here.

  • New in: Debut LP of Saun & Starr; up to now known as the "Dapettes" singing backing vocals with Sharon Jones. 10 out of 10; more on Gary D's Contemporary Soul thread.

    The second one a 1959 record by the Master Chef of Bossa Nova, Joao Gilberto.

  • The new Weller. Though far from making it into my list of  his best albums EVER, I like it a lot better than the last three ones he made.

    • It is a bit 22 dreamsish as the songs go on to long, ld have to agree with Alan s about heavy soul being his last great LP
    • Listened to this - it's OK but it sounds like he's ripped off a load of 60's pyschedelia; 'Long Time' is 'White Light, White Heat', 'Saturns Pattern' is straight out of Haight-Ashbury. Then he's done  a couple of ballads sound like they'd go down well at Glastonbury.

    • Agreed, especially the last two ones came close to even being bad in my opinion. Only listened to Saturns Pattern once yet, but first impression is a lot better!
    • 22 dreams had about 8 good songs on it, sonik kiks had none. It looks like he's tried to go back to the old formula to get people back into him. Sonik kiks was critically acclaimed which usually means it's shite, if the critics hate it we usually like it.
    • Glad I'm not alone on this one, Ronnie. Heard it twice now and really like it.
    • Like I have mentioned on the MG before, frankly, I don`t think it would take much to improve on anything from Heavy Soul onwards, in my opinion, but I re-iterate, the guy is still a legend and played a very large role, in the best and most memorable time  in my life. He also wrote some of the best tunes, lyrically, that I have heard, to this day :-)

  • Playing this for Mr King this morning. His Tour has finally come to a close.

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