Where can I get a dress made?

Hi everyone.So I have a gorgeous idea for a dress in my head. I'd love to get it made but I'm not great with a sewing machine and want it to look top dollar, obviously. I've tried looking for similar designs to my idea on the Internet and in shops but none are up to the standard of the picture I've created in me head. Also I don't want anyone else to have it, haha!Anyway, getting to the point. Does anyone know of a place in the midlands where I can get my dress made?Keeping in mind that I'm a college student, so the cheaper the better to be honest, but still quality, of course.I'm from Nuneaton, so around the central midlands!Thanks Molly

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  • 3297911131?profile=originalHi Molly

    Not wishing to deter you from going bespoke, but there are some great "makers" with real mod style.  Our own Leontine has Calle Modista, there is Carnaby Streak and also Velvet cave on ebay.  See pic for latter !!!



    • Thanks mate, I'll be sure to check them out!!
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