Where do You get your Scooter Chroming done?

Where do You get your Scooter Chroming done?....I have used London Chroming in the past....However they do not seem scooter friendly anymore, asking me to bring in parts for a quote! I'm not local to the area anymore! I am based in Cornwall, but some companies Post-Chrome-Return.

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  • I only ever had one experience with London Chroming and for me it was not a positive one.

    I had a set of GS160 NOS panels that required light repair. It took 13 months, they constantly kept forgetting my order or my name/details when I called them so  I had to go to the shop at least 3 times to chase them up. When I did collect I ended up having a heated discussion with Philip because he couldn't find my order details or panels and then tried to over charge me.

    A real shame all in all. My friends, however, use them regularly and never have any complaints.

  •  I only use Quality chrome of Hull now as ive had some poor chrome results from other companies in the past as well as parts going missing....also Karl at Quality chrome rides a scooter and has been involved in the scene for decades so knows which way your parts fit when on...used a company once that chromed and polished the inside of a headset top !!!!....they also do a collection service so no need to post your parts yourself....I would also say they are not the most expensive by a long way...

    • Hi Ralph, yes just bought a scoot which has had chroming done at Quality Chrome in Hull - best chrome I've seen in a while, really deep.

    • Nice one Ralph....Hope this thread helps others too (Alan) Gotta say only put this thread up yesterday 2 Chroming companies suggested, put same thread up on 2 other Mod Forums No Replies yet, Like Mod Generation forum format best!   

      Has anyone used  Ashford Chroming in Kent???

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    • Thanx Young Meteor,

      Dunno what is going on at London Chroming anymore, sent stuff there last year and they have been doing scooter parts for years, I hear they are just running the business down!!! 

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    • Cheers Motown, companies chroming is becoming few and far!.....Wot is the Queen riding on the Buckingham Palace Rideout these days Vespa or Lambretta ? :)

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