• 3298046273?profile=originalTo be a bit different I have mine on a flat bracket, I kept back after selling my Jet 125 Serveta, got a nice chrome centre disc in the middle

    • Thanks YM...Think most people go for the 3 in 1 Backrest which I like, had one on my 1st Scooter. Seems quite a few Mods like behind the Legshields, restricts legroom for me. I also usually have a spare wheel cover on, need to get a new one, nice to have a lot of different choices of style to get these days. 

  • On my sx I have one on the back and one in the legsheilds after many jaunts across Europe and GB ,doing nationals I always aired on the safe side,I am building.a series 2 at the moment and sourced a rare inline carrier but then this is being built for speed and more of a custom scooter,but for what looks the best on that back 2in1 rack nice Whitehall,wheel disc and nice spinner to Finnish off is mutts nuts personally.

    • Good to see you on again Andy, hopefully catch up with you if you are going to Troon on the 2nd.
  • I have always preferred the spare wheel on a 3 in 1  Andrew, especially if the tyre is a whitewall. To me it is shown off better and is a fantastic addition to the classic lines of a lovely Vespa or Lambretta. Having it on the inside of the legshields looks good too right enough so it all comes down to personal opinion really.

    • Good point Chris, on a modded scooter they look great, but they can throw off the lines on a classic I feel.

    • Its always just going to come down to personal taste I think Graham. I don't think there is any rights or wrongs involved.

    • Entirely agree, Chris


    Didn't put it there back in the day !!photo 001_zpsosdknfdj.png

  • Thanks Guys, i guess it is staying where it is then. It took me a long time to decide on wether to go the full Mod route but sometimes less is more.

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