White boots - Can you help?

Greetings from Charlotte...

Hope you can assist!

In an effort to complete my vintage wedding outfit (white sleeveless A-line mini dress and white Princess coat both circa 1965)  I am trying to source some white boots.

I have been on a hunt for white, knee length, zip fastened, centre seamed, calf clinging, block heeled or failing that kitten heel boots!

I already own some white patent ones, which look cool, but are a bit seventies Abba-esque I'm afraid. And the black soles mark the white material of the boots which looks tacky.

No luck on eBay. All searches bring up is plastic fancy dress go-go boots or stripper / pole dancer / fetish styles.... not good.

Im a size 40 / 6.5 - 7 so if you have any boots fitting my criteria you are willing to sell or swap for something I have, or can sign-post me on... please let me know. The Wedding is in September so hurry now, my lovelies!


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  • Only problem is they are a size 6M american, which is a size 3 in the UK. Charlotte is looking for a 40 / 6.5 - 7. I have a pair on ebay too and they are just a 4 or I would have offered them. US shoes are quite narrow too for some reason, I've had a few problems with that.

    They are mostly cream, there is one pair that would fit that are cream but she wants white. The worst thing is, these are all seventies boots and the dress is a 1965.

    Watch those american sizes guys.
    • didnt even think about the american size thing. so thnks for posting that april. what size will she need in american?
    • Hey! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to look... and please do keep your beady eyes open for me.

      Yes, the Yank sizes have caught me out too in the past.
      I could be a 9 in U.S sizing.. and as I have feet like a duck, probably 9.5...

      So the hunt continues....
      The Holy Grail has nothing on the white boot hunt!
  • hi came across these on the bay if there any help.
    • Groovy Baby !
    • yhea baby yhea. the seller has a few diffrent styles and sizes in other listings so check them out too.
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