• Definately NOT gay!!! I think white levis looking hot with a nice hand tailored / ben sherman / fred perry?? DO IT!!!

  • As many have said White Levis or another brand(possibly if they look good) are for some of us a must in the Mod wardrobe. Summer attire mainly, hard to keep em clean ridin the scooter! Just dug mine out the bottom of the wardrobe today. Might get them on if I go to Crossfire in October.

    Hard MOD not GAY!!!!

  • Mark, your Mrs and mine should hang out!

    I bought some white 501's on eBay recently, great jeans, slim fit and just about the right length. When I modelled them my "better half" responded with .... Gay....

    I told her to f*ck off. I have been in the shed ever since.... anyhoo...

    I love white jeans.... very mod! Definately not gay!

    On a related note, I also tried on my new Penguin polo top with them..... she told me I looked like the fat kid from "Stand By Me".....

    I get the impression she doesn't like me very much.... :)

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    • Love my White Levis, i wear them with Desert Boots and a casual Smedley or Penguin, dont care about the Gay connection !

  • Um, i bought some slim fit white jeans, not Levi's, got them home, tried um on, looked in the mirror and um. I'm a 30 inch waist so slim enough but the jeans are still hanging in the wardrobe. was goin to buy some black cuban healed boots to wear with (that was a 60's Mod thing), but decided not to. It's only my opinion but I think if your youngish they look right but if your oldish like me then it doesn't look the business.

    Yes white jeans were a Mod thing in the 60's. And as for the gay thing, I've read that some Mods got beaten up in the 60's for looking homosexual, just because of the clothes they wore. There were some light coloured casual trousers around in light blue and light green, and the white of course, and some unusual (for that era) coloured shirts etc, so it was seen as not right for men to dress that way. But now i would think that anyone could wear anything, depends on your own self confidance and it would be helpful to have the backing of your partner/wife/whatever.
  • There you go Steve. That's all I needed to hear to convince me to do it. Off to the steamstress!


    Tonight I'm spinning at our local Mod Club across from the street from where that photo was taken. I'll be going for a proper 4-button suit. I'm thinking of my bespoke "camel" one....

  • Homoerotic - see also Wellerappreciation.
  • I dont care what ya say i recon a white pair of see thro levi's on a girl looks just fine,even better if she is comanado ( oopppsssssssss the that sounded pervy sorry lol) as for gem in a thong im not so sure.not sure they are suitable if your on your scoot a bit well you know lol.
  • Damnit, Steve T beat me to it, but white Levis are very iconic and quintessentially Mod... not in the slightest bit gay, and which free-thinking, hip shaking, cool strutting Mod cares about such brutish stereotyping anyway? 

    You'd think the video of Long Hot Summer had never been made...

  • my husband has been looking on heaven and earth for some white levis, thought they might do them but been to levi shop and outlet but none anywhere :-(  wouldnt mind a pair myself!!!


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