White Levis

Hi guys , just a question here - how appropriate a pair of straight leg 501 red label WHITE Levis -worn by an older guy ,perhaps with polo shirt or button down collar Sherman and dessies ,thank you in advance guys !

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  • Nothing wrong with the bowlers, Graham. I had a chisel-toed pair back in the 80s. Wish I'd kept them!

  • I posted this on the My Dress of the Day thread last week.... white Levi's on an older guy (sorry about the shoes - Lol!3298093299?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • You could try them with a nice pair of Penny Loafers.

  • Hi William, thats a difficult one, a good mate of mine who is 53 has a pair of 501 whiteys and being a skinny little runt gets away with it.

    I on the other hand am 6`2" but 16+ stone so the Wife says no to white jeans and she can dress no question, so I bow to her on matters sartorial.

    Not under the thumb guys, she just gets it right in that department.

  • I'm no spring chicken either, William. I wore my white Levis yesterday with a white polo shirt, a blue V-neck sweater and blue Levis red tab plimsolls. If we get a decent summer this year I'll forgo the sweater in favour of a blue polo shirt.

    • Sounds like a nice working combo there Graham ,I've a nice pair of deck shoes\ plimsols, blue and white stripes, will try those with my white levis , as an alternative dessert boots .

  • Hello Harryboy; Last time I was in the med (c. 1980's) middle-aged guys wore John Smedley short sleeved polo shirts and that sort of thing - that would work nicely with white Levis. I am in my 60's and wear white Levi's on occasion - in fact I had put a picture up on my homepage as wallpaper (taken several years ago) wearing that combo. Personally I take the attitude "this is what I am doing today - what's your deal ?" as long as I feel comfortable; but each to their own, as we say.

  • OCBD in a solid colour, or linen, Tee-shirt or polo, again in a solid colour. I'd avoid any shirt thats dressy or anything in white. White Levis can make you look a bit mutton dressed as lamb if get a bit carried away with a bright colour like red or a jazzy top. Maybe a pastal green polo (for example) and a forest green crewneck tied around your shoulders? Dessies would be ok or a pair of drivers or boat shoes for a more modern look? FFS don't wear leather loafers. That will date you.

    • Thanks HB, yes I thought of the "mutton dressed" bit myself but have had these Levis some 20 years

      and never worn them !! So OCBD it is ,I like also the idea of a rollneck or  again a plain chord jacket worn over a grandad collar tee ?

    •   I'm just going on what middle aged people in the Med wear white trousers/jeans with. That Italian summer vibe, or the South of France. A cord jacket I wouldn't wear period at my age (50) nor a Henley (I think you mean?), those are items that'll age you IMHO. I saw Weller in a Henley a few years back and he looked like Steptoe. A rollneck might be a bit hot or look unseasonal? What about a thin crewneck in a soft colour on a cooler evening maybe?  Of course its only my opinion Bill, just because I wouldn't wear stuff doesn't mean you shouldn't. :)

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