• More seriously, It would be Otis Redding without a doubt.

  • Elvis Aaron Presley OF COURSE! Hahahaha! ;D

  • Thieir is so many it depends on the mood but in the running Bobby Womack, Jerry Butler, Marvin Gaye and so on and on let´s be honest it´s the whole Genre is´nt it

  • Very difficult to choose but Otis Redding has always been up there for me.  Female singer - probably Loleatta Holloway or Kim Weston

  • Massive soft spot for PP Arnold; probably because I heard her live supporting OCS - Sheffield Arena and she was the darling of the Small Faces.   Love OCS but it is easy to forget how massive they were a generation ago.  Must have played to 10 000 that night!

    • PP Arnold, it wasn't a 'soft' spot I had for her, she was stunning, saw her at the Riki Tick Hounslow and Iirc at the Starlight wembley.

      • Oh lucky you!

  • Otis Redding. Saw him in 67 when the Stax road show came in England. One of the best gigs i ever went to !

    • I saw him too in '67 at the uppercut in Forest Gate EAST lONDON on the Stax/volt tour along with BookerT. & MGs Sam & Dave fantastic. I WAS UP THE FRONT NEAREST TO THE STAGE'

      • Same here Pete, iirc it was March ?

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