Who was better: The Jam or The Style Counciil?

I personally, would always go fot the TSC as they where (in my opinion) less rocky and had more strings to their bow.  Saying that The Great Depression and Butterfly Collector remain 2 of my all time favi tracks never mind Jam tracks.


I never saw the Jam live, I sold my last tour ticket for face value, after al I was only 14 lol.



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  • The Style Council were good til Weller cut his sidies off ,after that they went rubbish!

  • I definitely prefer The Jam. The Style Council did some good songs, but they're very hit or miss with me. Having said that, I think 'Have You Ever Had It Blue?' is one of the best songs Weller has ever written.

  • For me it was the jam.saw them at the apollo glasgow 1982.awsome
  • For me there is no debate, the jam were the buisness! Hard,aggressive & creative! Weller gave his all to that band! & seemed to lose his way with tsc, it's only my opinion but the passion seemed to have deserted him ( that time.
  • As I got older I came to appreciate TSC more, and having seen them 5 or 6 times I have to say they played a blinding live set.  I don't think you can compare the two though - I think TSC were part of Weller's progression.  Maybe it's like comparing The Animals and War with Eric Burdon?

    But over time you have to say certain groups and individuals really shook it up.  The Jam undoubtedly did that.  They were a real force, both live and on record.  Remember the buzz we got when there was a new Jam album released?

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    • Just bought both the new Jam And TSC album box sets. Not really sure why as I have all the songs on one format or another, but they were cheap. £15 for 6 LP's. However, listening to them all again one after the other, to make sure they were OK, the Jam win hands down. TSC got a bit, yawn after the favourite shop LP.

      Also I saw them loads of times and they were simply brilliant live.

      People might slag Weller off nowadays but he still makes me want to listen to his stuff and see his concerts. I can only thank him for all the superb memories he's given me since 77.

    • The box set at that price is a true bargain Mike.  I bought the TSC and can remember it cost nearly double what you say!  That said there are piles of tracks to go on some of which I had never heard before.

  • I am not sure that the creativity truly fizzled out for TSC - Confessions of a Pop Group was slightly daft, and introspective, but also brilliant.


    For the sheer anger of it I love the title track with its its bouncing bass and lines like this:

    Cheap and tacky bullshit land Told when to sit, don't know  where you stand

    Too busy recreating the past to live in the future

    Poor relations to Uncle Sam

    Bears no relation to the  country man Too busy being someone else to be who you really are

    Shitty plastic prefab town Mind where you walk when the sun  goes down, down

    Too busy hating others to even love your own


    It was the perfect reflection of the late Thatcher era. At the time no one else was doing it - Wham were still around!


  • Like so many I was completely bemused when the PW switched down the guitar, stopped the aggression and generally became more European (as opposed to British) in outlook.  I didn't care for Café Bleu that much either and really thought it was a mishmash of 80s sounds with a jazz overwash.


    A couple of years on and my views changed.  If anything there was more risk in the music, still some very aggressive stuff with a heightened political slant, better clothes and style, and the emergence of two musicians who could really take music in a whole new directions  - having Mick Talbot there seemed to liberate PW from the lead man thing with the Jam.

    I attended several Jam and TSC gigs - what was so refreshing in the case of TSC was the more mixed audience - certainly more females than I had ever seen at a Jam gig, but also more people from differing ethnic backgrounds. The Jam gigs could be very much white lads shouting "Tube Station" all the time!


    I remember NME reviews would say "Ze Mods" I relation to TSC.  After a while you could really go for that Parisian / Roman style that he adopted.



    • Couldn't disagree more Hubert. I thought 'Come To Milton Keynes' and 'Top Peoples Health Farm' where brilliant and JerUSAlem was quite funny but i must admit by the time of the 'Cost  Of Loving' album The Council where getting a bit dull. But then again the whole of the music scene from the mid 80's was getting dull. When the Council spilt people did give a toss but i think we all agreed that it was time for Weller to call an end to it. But by the end of 1990 he was back on tour with the Paul Weller Movement. It was brilliant to see him once again play small scale venues. People thought he was finished...far from it. 

      A long time for people to give up on him? I don't think so. Watch his next album go in the top ten. Carn't wait to hear what ever he comes up with next. And he's back on tour in October. 

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