I was looking through the old pics on new Untouchables and the vast majority of 'US' are in our 50's.

We all know the originals for the most part, followed the fashion for paisley and more flaired lapels and trousers and eventually tuned in or dropped out or whatever. The rest just grew into their parents. Either way by 1970 there were no more Mods*.

Why then have thousands of us up and down the country who were revival Mods stuck at it? Any thoughts?


*There would obviously be the odd ones hanging on in isolation.

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  • I suppose the fact is, those of us who stick at it have seen it as a way of life rather than a fashion. Fashions change easily. Though I largely resemble some Ivy Leaguer now rather than the slim young Face I once thought I was, as Weller said "'I'm still a mod, I'll always be a mod, you can bury me a mod".

  • This is such an interesting post. I was only thinking the same myself today when I heard 5.15 on the radio. By then The Who were merely recounting a mod story. I reckon they were mods for 2 years tops 19 years earlier.

    My own theory and please shoot me down, is that the 60s were such a time of change that it was like waves crashing into shore. There would be another very quickly to wipe the other away. 

    Now music and to a degree fashion is splintered. It is not washed away be it if you were into anything. You can go your own way. 

    For example a girl can have a slight 60s influence from say 64 (eyeliner, fringe) and everyone thinks they are highly original. And inspite of trends apparently moving on I see plenty of guys in slim ties. 

    In the 60s that would have been dismissed by the following year I think. But what do I know - I was 2!!!




  • Mod is Timeless... Original 60s Mods-The Inspiration- hav seen the 79 Revival come and go, then interest again during the Britpop Era...Just listen to the Music-Soul,Beat,RnB,Ska,Revival...Still Sounds Great, People want to carry on Enjoying it.Mod is a Classic look that can be worn as you get older...Anyone who had/has a Scooter enjoys riding them.  

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