Why do...

Why do people join the site, set up a page and then bugger off never to heard of again. Why bother in the first place? Just asking.

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  • Re navigating The MG site. I did find it frustrating until recently as it used to jump all over the place and moving from one page to the next took ages and was a struggle.For that reason I didn't visit as often as I would have liked.

    Now that I access the site via Google Chrome it's much better, so I use it and contribute more.

    Perhaps that's a reason why more people don't get involved?

    I really like this site which is interesting and although there are debates and differences of view they always seem constructive and tolerant. I had joined another Mod site prior to joining this one and I expect if you look back at my early posts you'll find my views of that site on record.

    My thanks to anyone and everyone involved in running the MG site and contributing to it. You provide a lot of interest information and pleasure.

  • Good post Andy

  • I guess there has to be something to reply to Gordon, but you know me, never short of an opinion.....

    I have put one post on here, and some sanctimonious, self righteous idiot shot me down for having an opinion that differed to theirs. Makes you reluctant to post again.

    • I guess this is the same reason why I lurk on here rather than posting on a regular basis.

      I've only been taking the MOD lifestyle seriously for the past year.    I'm still building up my wardrobe and finding my particular style.

    • Aint that the truth mate!
  • Guilty as charged!

    As Carlos said, facebook and other websites have bitten into my time for browsing websites and getting too involved. Not to mention family time and of course work. 

    I too however agree with Lorainne (excuse the spelling?), finding the forum a bit confusing to navigate/operate. I am probably a bit dim no doubt, and maybe takes a bit of getting used to.

    However the amount of info in here is increadible and is surely a MUST for Mods to exchange info, banter etc. 


  • Great friendly site. Nice people. Good bit of banter. Yep...discussions can sometimes get heated but as has been said before, we are all passionate about this. I guess some people may just want to watch rather than contribute which is fair enough. It's nice to have a place where we can all chat about the stuff that is important to us. I don't think there is anything like this on the net for Mods! I think Stephen needs congratulating for coming up with such a great site!

  • Perhaps they're like George

    • Seems to be a bit of a voyeur thing goin on, for example, this thread has has 414 veiws with around 30 comments!

      • "A voyeur thing" this needs looking at in closer detail.

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