Winter boots

I'm looking for new winter boots and I have a few different ones in mind I just want opinions and other options to go for 

option number 1 is this ben sherman boot 

option number 2 is a Brogue boot, not these exact ones just the same style

option number three is just a classic Chelsea boot, no Cuban heel 

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  • 3297980973?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024These old boots from Jasper Conran have served me well for a good few years!

  • Cheers Motown,

    Good to be back mate. I'm looking at one of the four boots pictured for myself. Easing back into my stride while reading and catching up with the threads of the gang in more ways than one ;0)

  • Nice and rugged classics for the depths of winter. Redwings, Fracap, Sperry's and Northface.

    Perhaps not smooth clean lines but in my opinion smart, practical class for the winter months. They're not my legs in the photo just an illustration of Redwings with turn ups.






    • Mine are the Fracaps Gary - see below on photo.  They are great if you "love to go a-wandering!" lol

    • I really like the Fracaps Robert. A very nice winter walking boot, wandering's my middle name. I'm liking the Sperry ducks, very Ivy style also added a pair of Hip-Hop Timbs to the list.

      Now I'm out in the wilds, I can't see myself tiptoeing about in a pair of basket weaves this winter ;0)


  • If I had to choose between these three options, Darcy, I'd go for the Ben Sherman.

    But if you want some nice brogue boots, try to find some Loake. Better quality than these three models

  • 3297958347?profile=RESIZE_1024x10243297788631?profile=originalmmm not sure on the atom retro stuff..there is a quality problem for me.  I did not like the Chelsea boots as they remind me of cowboy boots.  If you can stretch too it Beat wear do 1960s Chelsea boots which are made in Italy - available online.  (see suede example above.) Appreciate it is a bit of a step up in price.

    My other option is a mock ski boot for bad weather - I have these which give you a sort of cool Tirol look!!

  • Yeah I've just had a look into them, they are nice but really out my price range, I can only spend £100 

  • Yeah mick I do like them apart from how square the toe is and the toe looks scuffed, Yeah I might have a look into red wing, just hope they don't look too bad 

    • Its just the way the light is shining on them Darcy, they are one colour all over.

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