• I found last winter to be very cold and my Parka was a very practical option for me and loads of people commented on how good the Parka looked. 

    • I stopped wearing a Parka years ago. Got fed up with seeing loads of middle aged blokes who suddenly started wearing one and for some strange reason started to tell me  "Well your not a real Mod because if you was you'd be wearing a Parka wouldn't ya".

      So to keep me warm in the winter i have a black William Hunt Crombie, a dark blue Pea-Coat and a black Reefer Jacket. All look great in me smart gear, but not so good when it's raining so for rain and scooter wear i have a black waterproof Fjall Raven wax coat and and another black waterproof jacket by the same label. Also a navy blue Garbstore winter coat. All have hoods. 

      I've never been one who suits hats but i got a brilliant navy blue one that covers my ears for when i gets very cold. That 'Folk' label does some nice stuff. Looks great with the Garbstore coat.      

  • Most army surplus parkas I've seen are really designed for sub-freezing weather; the lining in mine is removable, but it won't really be cold enough not to bake inside it until late December around here.  I've been meaning to pick up a pea coat for "warmer" winter days.

  • Parka mainly on the scooter or Retro leather jackets for me....had one peacoat style once.

  • I like the cut on the Navy P's (and better buttons)

    • i bought this pea coat a couple of weeks ago but not too sure about it. although it will be ideal for the cold winter

    • Nice with a polka dot or paisley scarf aldo !

    • i think its getting an airing tomorrow with the tic scarf gary, effin freezin up here today


    • I do like a peacoat aldo ,come in handy when it gets baltic and you still look smart ;-)

  • pea coats all day,just buying a leather patch work coat with fur on hood vintage ,my missus said i will look like a tramp,yer a warm tramp,he he
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