• A scooterist friend of mine - not a Mod or Skin - showed it to me one night. It was absolutely terrible. There is really nothing Mod about it. A girl has a "girl crush" on another girl with a lame leg who rides a scooter and thinks "Maybe if I be like her, her boyfriend and her friends, she'll notice me..." Really bad. Same goes for the 20-or-so minute movie short, "American Mod". Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Duane.

    • Wow. There's another one called "We Are The Mods". Any word on that one? Idk, there should be more Mod movies out there. We shouldn't just have "Quadrophenia" to relate to.

         There needs to be a new Mod movie to get put out and maybe it will influence some people to check it out and who knows, maybe more kids will get into it. I love being a Mod. I love the music, the clothes and life.  A lot of my friends aren't really into it, but the do like some of the music and respect me for being into it, but it would be nice to have others like me to hang out with and do things. Mod was the best thing to happen to me.

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