Young Mods in Glasgow

I've not seen many younger mods in Glasgow, I'm 17, was just wondering if there was many about.  If so where are the best venues for younger mods? 

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  • There is a Northern Soul alldayer on at the famous Barrowlands on the 30th of this month. It was on last year and it was a fantastic day with DJs from all over the country playing some top sounds. So my advice to you is to get yourselves down there that day.

    • An excellent day to look forward too. Outstanding entertainment.
    • Sure will be Jimbo, looking forward to a great day and night out.
  • I'm from Glasgow too and to be honest there Isn't' really anywhere for young mods, The only place that I can think of that plays decent music and I enjoy going to is Firewater.

  • I sound like a lazy slob Chris, I was working on Sunday morning, grrrr! It was hard work getting up but the night out made it well worth it :)
    • I sounded worse than you Ruby. I meant to say I was at work on Sunday as well as today, but as you said it was an excellent night and well worth a bit of tiredness next day.
  • A fabulous wee night at Tailormade Chris, and I managed to make my work for 8.30 this morning. Your sets were fabulous. You played a few tunes I hadn't heard for over thirty years, priceless. I know you're being very tongue in cheek but you got the dance floor full during your first set and set the scene. Amazing, and glad I made the effort to go. Til the next time
    • Cheers Ruby, Glad to hear that at least one person enjoyed it ha ha. I was also up for work on Monday morning after getting into the house at 3.45 am; the only bit of Sat night/Sunday morning that was not so enjoyable.

  • Well, I was at Tailor Made in Glasgow last night, and there were a good few young Mods (under 20) around which is always good to see.

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