• There is a Northern Soul alldayer on at the famous Barrowlands on the 30th of this month. It was on last year and it was a fantastic day with DJs from all over the country playing some top sounds. So my advice to you is to get yourselves down there that day.

    • An excellent day to look forward too. Outstanding entertainment.
    • Sure will be Jimbo, looking forward to a great day and night out.
  • I'm from Glasgow too and to be honest there Isn't' really anywhere for young mods, The only place that I can think of that plays decent music and I enjoy going to is Firewater.

  • I sound like a lazy slob Chris, I was working on Sunday morning, grrrr! It was hard work getting up but the night out made it well worth it :)
    • I sounded worse than you Ruby. I meant to say I was at work on Sunday as well as today, but as you said it was an excellent night and well worth a bit of tiredness next day.
  • A fabulous wee night at Tailormade Chris, and I managed to make my work for 8.30 this morning. Your sets were fabulous. You played a few tunes I hadn't heard for over thirty years, priceless. I know you're being very tongue in cheek but you got the dance floor full during your first set and set the scene. Amazing, and glad I made the effort to go. Til the next time
    • Cheers Ruby, Glad to hear that at least one person enjoyed it ha ha. I was also up for work on Monday morning after getting into the house at 3.45 am; the only bit of Sat night/Sunday morning that was not so enjoyable.

  • Well, I was at Tailor Made in Glasgow last night, and there were a good few young Mods (under 20) around which is always good to see.

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