Your non mod they get it?

It occurs to me I have a lot of friends whose reaction to mods varies a lot.


First there is the bemused: "what - you're stuck in the 60s"

To the p takers - "you look like Steed!" (its the umbrella - lol)

To the people who are fascinated onlookers - "another bloody suit Rob?" "where do you get the music?"

"why are you not in yer jeans?" "but you like the Clash - not very mod is it?"

To the strayers  - "yeah I used to be a mod.."


Just wondering if there any fellow sufferers.....



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  • My cousin and I were in a shoe store on New Years Eve and he dismissed my brown suede chukkas as 'terrible' whilst he lusted after those casual Skull & Bones slippers and vice versa (at least in my thoughts). To me, that speaks volumes.

  • I got a pair of merc bowling shoes for xmas and wore them to the mother in laws for dinner. my brother in law said "what are you wearing, they're a bit bowlingy", he did actually say "bowlingy". Thought about saying something in explanation but given he dresses like the 5th member of JLS I just said "you could be on to something there".

    • Hahahaha, brilliant Marc. Always better to just laugh internally huh?

  • wore stapress and polka dot shirt at works xmas nite a bit of a ribbing but mostly got great least we took pride in the way we dressed.nowadays kids just fling on pair of jeans tshirt and trainers.they spend all their time on their hair.they just all look the effort needed.

    • OK, so today I was aksed if I was in fancy dress?? I wouldn't mind but am only wearing Lee 101's (1/2 inch turn up sewn in)  Loake royals, smedley v neck and a polo, oh and I was wearing my pea coat, tootal and trilby at the time having just walked in. Not exactly "fancy dress" is it? I simply replied, "your looking nice today too. Got a sale on at all saints have they?" Although I don't think my colleague got this.  I walked away laughing internally. :)


    • Sounds pretty bloody smart to me Mal. I can guarantee it was the trilby that sparked the comment, if you're not wearing some sort of beanie hat these days people think you're lost in time.

      I'm looking forward to going out in my black Fred Perry roll neck, POW trousers, chelsea boots and pea coat tonight, although I'm sure it'll raise a few eyebrows and comments from the local yokels. I might even throw in my black polka dot silk scarf just to really upset them...

    • Hahaha, go for it my sartorially elegant friend. Sounds like you'll be looking the mutts nutts so to speak. Think you are right about the hat, don't care though as I wouldn't wear a beanie if I was paid to. Don't even wear one at the football and I believe they are de rigueur there. :)

    • Sounds good to me Mal.. Like the sound of the hat..never looked good in one meeself..but on the right guy its a winner.1061613615.bin

    • Thanks Robert. To be compared to Mr Talbot is a compliment indeed.

  •  my mates are ridiculously intolerant and constantly slag my boots/parka/suit/anythingIhappentobewearingthatday but I don't mind cause everyone has something they get mocked for :p and I know that I don't look weird, just genuinely better than them. :) There was one classic time when someone said to me: "Oh good, you stopped wearing that bloody parka thing, did we finally get through to you?" No. Its just not raining today...Well done boys.

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