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Who picture is this?

And why do I have it? ... I don't know. It's the only picture I have from the old days (unless there are other pics in the box I left in my sister's hoose...? - I'll need to check next time I am home). I think it was taken in Scarborough in 82.

Any on

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51 Replies · Reply by alex Aug 24, 2009

Horrible photo's

On talking to Alex about his quiff pic, lol. I decided to make a post just for us to all post our horrible pics we'd rather forget about.I'd need to have a right good look through what I have on this pc but I'll start it off with these

That's me as a

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13 Replies · Reply by Chris Cameron Aug 5, 2009

Who are the Mod bands today?

This is a question I pose to the young Mods around these days - Which bands do you consider as 'Mod' bands?I am really curious about what you younger Mods consider to be 'Mod' music. I was looking at a Mod site whose membership seemed to be made-up o

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Why Mods ?

Here is a question that has not been asked on the site yet (I think) What led people to get into the Mod scene in the first place. Was it the style, the scooters, seeing Quadrophenia, or was it the music ?For me it was definitely the style. I liked e

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85 Replies · Reply by Dr Feelbad Dec 11, 2010


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