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What is your getup?

Hello, everyone. I'm quite new to the mod scene, this being my first forum thread, and was just wondering what your average outfit would be? Today, im sporting docs, navy jeans and a white polo with my Belgian parka to top it all off! I'm also in sea

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12 Replies · Reply by Chris Cameron Feb 8, 2018

Levi's 501 shrink to fit

Alright guys,Has anyone recently tried a pair of the 'new' shrink to fit 501s? I like the idea and fancy getting a pair but wanted to check people's experience. How do they come out fitting? I tried a pair in my normal size (32 30) and whilst the leg

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6 Replies · Reply by Madison Roland Feb 8, 2018

Fred Perry

Happy New Year everyone

As I understand it it Mod culture is a predominantly working class movement and has a long association with certain clothing labels, arguably the most prominent being Fred Perry.

Looking at the 2017 price of FP a polo shirt it s

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17 Replies · Reply by stephen hughes Jan 23, 2018


when i get in from work and I want to unwind i will put on my jogging bottoms polo shirt .pour a whiskey. and put a jazz cd onand chill for about 30 minutes. then get on with things.what do you all do to chill an unwind. a favourite cd ,drink, change

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August '64

Living in Hockley near Southend on Sea  I was a Mod in the early 1960's and with many actual memories still fresh in my mind I decided to write a short story then an expanded novella of my experiences of the time leading up to and including the Secon

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16 Replies · Reply by Motown Dec 6, 2017


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