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This ones for the lads....and probably some of the ladies too ;) LOL!

Anyway, don't think I need to go into detail here but what are your opinions on sideburns? I always thought John pulled it off pretty well.


And here's a snap of The Kinks with Ray an

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11 Replies · Reply by Dave Davies Aug 13, 2019



I was looking on the modshopping website and could see some realy nice stuff but they are basied in thailand can anyone tell me if they have used this company and if they are any good I did see a few revives but they are back in 2012 and theres not

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4 Replies · Reply by Fiona Marvin Mar 26, 2019

Amazing B sides

Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already

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962 Replies · Reply by Chris Cameron Mar 23, 2019

Mod Dogs and Englishmen

I've often been asked 'how can I be a mod and have a dog?' 'With extreme difficulty!' Is my usual reply, I'm on my 3 generation Boxer. I'm not for one instance putting my mutt up as the best looking mod dog. But hey he makes me look good besides ;0)

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80 Replies · Reply by Gary D' Jan 25, 2019


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