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SX150 Mela Verde?

Hi, I'm looking for a Lambretta after many years without and have the chance of an SX150 in Mela Verde - apple green.  But I'm really undecided about the colour.  It is an original colour but very bright, similar to Mr Bean's mini or the colour of sh

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What happened to Pretty Green ?

I have read the brand was sold by Liam Gallagher in 2019. I understand there is only one store left in Manchester, not even a single one in London. How you people in UK do you buy from this brand ? By mail order only ?

Sorry if this was discussed befo

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5 Replies · Reply by Stevo Feb 10, 2020

Manchester Suggestions

I'll be heading to Manchester in late August, early September. Any suggestions for mod or soul related cubs nights, stores, pubs, etc. I should try to make it to? Will probably try to swing over to Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield for a day each. Thank

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11 Replies · Reply by Mike Embleton Sep 16, 2019


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