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Clearing out the wardrobe

Hi guys, been spending some time having a good clear out of clothes that no longer measure up to new criteria of ,cool and stylish .Found the process very therapeutic!.Grouping items of similar colour together ,its coming along nicely now.Have a…

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So guys , what's with the turn-ups on Levis and would they be recommended for the older gent? What's your take ?

At the moment mine are worn with hem on the inside of the jeans, as it were .

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10 Replies · Reply by Kai May 28, 2016

White Levis

Hi guys , just a question here - how appropriate a pair of straight leg 501 red label WHITE Levis -worn by an older guy ,perhaps with polo shirt or button down collar Sherman and dessies ,thank you in advance guys !

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12 Replies · Reply by Graham Bain Jul 24, 2016

New Lambretta!

The "new " lambretta L70 Vendetta is previewed today 4/5/16!! It looks ok inasmuch as the "tease" picture allows you to see.Funny how the engine options are to be 50,125 & 180 or exactly the same as Scomadi hmmmm. 

So have Lambretta…

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