From 1960's 70's 80's 90's into a new millenium. We live again, we've raised our head, we're back from the dead.


Old timers scattered to the four winds. Anything Mod, memories, Scooters and clothes or just a good old moan.

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  • We'll done to The Itch rival mod band for reaching 20 years together. Look them up guys
  •  wonderful pics

  • Would like to get a few photos, even some from the 60's and have Bobby do a shoot (did you know Bob's a pro photo man now) in the same locations. Here's another that i'd love to recreate. Outside the Odeon Refnfield Street in the pissing rain. The pissing rain we can recreate no problem, but I think they are ready to pull the building down. Wonder what the movie was?


  • This is a photo taken outside Bobby's house in Glasgow with some of the mates. Bobby Cal and Wass are still kicking around.

    I've found a few photos and would love to recreate the picture over 30 years on.


  • Seeing i'm a 60's recycled mod i thought maybe i coul join your group if you don't mind.

  • Fantastic Felix, keep the faith and add some pics and let us know what yer upta.

  • I am 16 and already a mod, I wear suit and shades, drive a scooter, my friends don't buy into it much but I'm never changing. Wierd thing is I didn't know about mods till after I started wearing this stuff, great to know there's more out there! Long live the mod stlye!!

  • After a 30 year gap and away from Glasgow for many of those. Stevie had the vision to start this site. Now a lot of the guys from the late 70's (revival) and even their kids, the third generation, are back in touch and on the scene.

    I've been in the Middle East for the last 10 years and different places prior to that. I never used to bother heading home much before all this kicked off again. Now i'm there every chance I get and always hoping it's scooter weather.

    Flying home tonight and still hoping it's dry, well at least not snowing.

  • Jeremy sent this onto me and I thought it would be worth adding to try and get things started. Jeremy is first genreration.


    Hi there,

    Yes a long time ago.......

    I lived in a small rural village , still going to school until 1967, so was restricted to pocket money and part time work wages.

    Not easy to build any great Mod wardrobe. ;-)

    But still great times......

    Now all of the hair has gone...the waist measurement is slowly reducing gain......

    Remember seeing Chris Farlowe, Geno Washington. PP Arnold, The Who, Long John Baldry.

    Still manage to see Chris F when he visits locally.

    It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I realised what the undercurrent of being a Mod was, at the time it was a choice, but now I see it as more...the often quoted, 'way of life'.

    The sad thing is that here in Norfolk we get very little in the way of clubs or gigs that do revival.

    Anyways.....good to meet you.

    Write to if you wish.

  • How old are 'old timers' ??

    Does 61 qualify???? lol

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