Ok gang here's the score. Saturday, 25th of May. Rideout to kick off the Timebox Weekender. See the route below. MARSHALS REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENT. PLEASE MESSAGE ME ASAP IF YOU'RE AVAILABLE/WILLING TO STAND ON A STREET CORNER FOR 5 MINUTES. Scooters meet at Carnaby Street (O'Neils pub/Liberty end) around 1pm. 2pm SHARP we depart. Route is pretty much the same as every other year: Left onto Regents St and follow to Piccadilly Follow Haymarket down to Trafalgar Square *bikes can use the bus lane split direct to the roundabout* Take 4th exit onto The Mall. *here we will pull over and regroup for a few minutes* Follow The Mall to Buckingham Palace *UPDATE* Road closures are in effect (AGAIN). WE TURN RIGHT ONTO CONSTITUTION HILL AND FOLLOW TO WELLINGTON ARCH. FOLLOW JUNCTION AROUND TO PICCADILLY CONTINUE ALONG PICCADILLY TURN RIGHT ONTO ST JAMES' LANE (PAST THE RITZ) FOLLOW ST JAMES' LANE/PALL MALL TO TRAFALGAR SQUARE TAKE 2ND EXIT ONTO NORTHUMBERLAND AVENUE Turn LEFT onto Embankment Follow Embankment *here we will pull over and regroup for a few minutes near Somerset House* Continue along the River to Blackfriars and take the Off Ramp onto Farringdon Rd Vier LEFT and follow to Clerkenwell Rd Turn RIGHT onto Clerkenwell Rd Follow to Old St Roundabout and take 2nd exit (continue straight) Continue to Curtain Rd Turn LEFT onto Curtain Rd and follow to Strongroom Bar. Park and enjoy the food/drink/music Scooter competition announced approximately 3.30pm. Catergories are: Best Lambretta Best Vespa Best Mod Scooter See you there!