Kent, SE London and south-east new club forming for Mods and scooterists a like, based in Chislehurst. Kent looking at once a month club meet and rideouts, rallies and Mod nights,and summer and xmas do's for anyone interested in the Mod way of life!

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  • First club meeting of the Peacocks... Tuesday 19th Match @ 7.30pm at the Bull's Head on Royal Parade, Chislehurst, anyone welcome to come along and no obligation to join the club, if you wanna have a chat and a beer and discuss al things Mod then feel free!! KTF and keep on keeping on..... Digger x

  • Hi Colin, well we have about 6 members as we've only just started up but it does look like we only have 3!! I'm getting married in May in the Church opposite Coopers!! I'm from East London originally as is the other founder of the Peacocks, im moved to the area about 4 years ago and me and Bob (co founder) have just been doing things on our own but decided we wanted to have a club of our own, i used to ride with the ELMS SC when i lived North side. We're gonna start organising ride outs and events in the Kent area in 2013 so you and the other Cheetah's will be welcome to join us!

  • Digger, have you only got 3 members currently or is the Mod Generation Forum deceptive as you only have 3 members that are also members of the Mod Generation? If you look at the Lambretta GT Owners Club, it looks like we only have me as a member but there are actually 40 of us and growing daily! I am also a member of the Cheam Cheetahs Lambretta SC, based in SW London. I use to go to Coopers School in Chislehurst, lived up the road from the home and recording studio for the Chords in Petts Wood and was part of the Orpington Mod Scene back in the late 1970's. What is your background?

  • Anyone interested in joing my newly formed club 'Chislehurst Peacocks SC' you can find my contact details in this months Scootering in the clubs page.

  • Hi Jim, no worries mate i know what its like, i'm in the middle of buying a house and organising a wedding..nice lot of stress!!! I'll check my dates and give you a couple to choose from and hopefully c u there. £2000 should get you a decent lammy although it wont be mint but if you could stretch a bit more it could be better, you can hasle me on scoots and advice all day mate i love it!! As i've said u dont want a pig, one thing i will say is do what you can to buy Italian, if it can be helped avoid Indian lammy's, they do some funky stuff with the engines and electrics, the problem is the Italians are more expensive, any way mate, i'll start keeping my eye out for you.

  • Hello mate. Im looking to spend £2000 but being realistic I would stretch to £2500. If you see any nice scoots for that money let me know, i want to spend wisely so might be driving you mad for advice. I have been so busy with work mate i havnt had a chance to do anything, not even come on here. let me know when the first meet is and ill check to see if i can make it. thanks pal

  • Jim, if you dont mind me asking how much you looking to spend on a LI? i'll just keep my eye out as i troll the net daily for em and let you know.

  • good know it makes sense!! it was just a thought if you'd decided on a PX but i did tell my mate more than likely you'd go for a LI, looking at some dates in Sept/Oct on a Wednesday night for 1st club night, any wedensday you cant do??

  • Hello mate, thanks for thinking of me for your friends PX. Ive decided to save that little bit more and go for lambretta li 125 series. I think if i go for anything else ill regret it. If i brake down so be it, ill learn more about the engine and like you said "all part of being a mod"

  • Hello Jim, not sure if you have decided on your choice of steed yet but a mate of mine is selling he's PX125, if you're interested let me know and i'll speak to him.

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