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  • Greetings fellow mods, I now live in Queensland Australia on the Gold Coast. I originaly come from south east London and started being a mode early 60's.
    I still have all my old vinyl records from the 60's and still play them.
    I also have 2 1960's British hobby cars a 1964 Rover P5 and a 1969 Austin 1800, scooters were not popular here in ozz it was either motor bikes or a Ford prefect was my transport at 17.
    Glad to be a member here
  • Hello Worldwide Mod Reachout, I`d like to join yous for the happiness of enjoying some wonderous chats about all things MOD!
  • Hello everyone, glad to be part of this wonderful group. I'm a journalism and documentary student currently working on a documentary project about mods and rockers. Im looking to interview a Mod or Rocker from the 60's. If you, or anyone you know, fits the bill, please shoot me an email at
  • as good as it can be mate!! How long will you be back for??
  • dont know if i will be back in summer as yet, but if i do it will be late June early July.
    hows things going drop me a line.
    cheers mate
  • JT, when you coming home???
  • not much going on just now on the members board i see, although the CVS facebook page seems to be getting updated with scooter & mod type events.
    all's good stateside, scooter re-inspected and out and about in the good weather before it gets to hot.
  • Whats your plans for this year, Mod weekenders, gigs etc? With lots to choose from what will float your boat for 2015??
  • Welcome to the 5th Top!!
  • BRIGHTON MOD WEEKENDER 2014; Belated report on what was feared by some regulars as 'Too commercialised'' due to the 50years of Mod hype. Well there was a slightly different crowd who attended and some of there rides raised an eyebrow or two. But in the main the majority dressed to impress and let no one down. Also a lot more events were on offer which definately had something for everyone. Great also to see lots of Youngblood coming into the scene and most were sussed in there dress code etc. Brighton will change every year and 2014 was no more detremental to the scene than next year or any other will be. If you stayed away it was your loss, but then there's 2015 to put that right. I would still say that in this age where there is a deluge of Do's/weekenders its still the Number 1 event on the Mod calendar! See you in 2015!
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