This is a group mainly for the 60's hardliners but all are welcome the more the merrier.It's for all of those long stories from memory lane,the funny ones and the one's we will never forget, mind you a good moan can help.

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  • I thought I would let everyone know, there's a great radio station called Bute FM. Listen to Jimmy Mac's Scooter Show on a Wednesday 7pm to 9pm plays great music and talks about rallies... listen on 96.5FM or listen on the web You can talk to Jimmy Mac or requests by phone to on 07927 960 866

  • Sorry JB,got it a bit wrong didn't i, i hope sometime to move to hayle in cornwall, just watching house prices take care and have a good week.

  • Hey JB, a question mate are there any mod gigs or scooter rallies around reading this year, if there is and i know earlier i can maybe organize transport to get there, and maybe meet up with you., my buggy will not get to reading, lol.Mind you you are welcome to come here anytime you fancy, as long as you don't mind dogs. I was thinking (dangerous)the other day,if i remember rightly,a whole load of us went up to box hill and started shooting at rockers with air rifles, this would have been 66 i'm sure. People always seem to remember brighton, but there was hastings, southend,eastbourne,portsmouth (hayling island), windsor, slough and these were the only ones we were involved in, crazy what. I feel a little bit sorry for the next generation of mods, in the 60's the pc plods didn't know how to handle us or what to do with us but by the next generation they had sorted out what to do. Take care

  • Hey JB, i never pushed drugs but boy did i buy them always bought a load for the weekend, the problem was i never really knew what was going on or which bird iwas with seeing i was stoned most of the time, maybe it would be a good idea to go back in time and try again with not so many pills, fancy coming back with me?Blimey JB the girls were worse than us if it wasn't pills it was vodka,what with their sharp metal combs boy they were dangerous and some what. I didn't have much problem with old bill it was the army mp's, some how on a saturday we ended up in some army naffi club fighting the young recruits, so it was the mp's we had the trouble with those guys hit first and talk later, it didn't matter whether you were a guy or a girl they just lashed out, mind you we laughed about it later , with a few bruises.

  • I wonder what beauties have been dumped in the River Clyde, excluding bodies. Any scooters would probably have disintegrated within days. I wonder what happened to all our old scooters. I had a few that I thought might be back on the road and a few of my mates, but nothing. I hate to think they were scrapped. 

  • JB love the story, lucky it was not under the manure heap, yea your spot on there mate if a farmer can make a few bob then he will try anything just like people who sell horses if the horse has only got 3legs it will still win the grand national.

  • does anyone know where i can get mod sticker from by post

  • HI I bet we could sell them on e-bay, we would make a mint, a mate of mine collects and crushes old metal so we might as well get the bikes out and make some money by crushing them, how is that for a sat afternoon idea, that's before i smoke any wacky backy, lol

  • Paul, im gonna hire a boat and retrieve all the scoots from the thames, worth a bloody fortune now....LOL  Ps i;ll leave the bikes where they are!!

  • JB what is that group on facebook called and what is it exactly?

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