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A members only club playing mod influenced sounds right across the board (past, present and future). We are looking to dig deeper and discuss in greater depth the merits or not of each track/genre put up for discussion. A chance to have a grown up conversation about the artists, sound, arrangements, backstory, history and influences amongst other relevant interesting topics, all linked to the music. This club is for serious mod listeners, dancers, DJ's and 'with it' people.

"It can definitely go as deep and as cool as you like" 


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  • Hi Folks and welcome to the MusicBox.
    Before each session have a think and get yourself together the music you have, would like to have, the music you love to listen to, dance to or talk about.
    Rather than each member post a track and leave it at that. What would be good if we all give in-depth feedback on each tracks merits. If you like a track say why, It could be the vocals, the sound, the particular artist etc, etc. If you don't like a track abstain out of respect or give educated reasons why not. I myself am looking to enjoy good quality deep conversations on our music and learn. My background is as a skanka from the early 70's reggae rockers then as a dancer on the northern soul circuit from '76 and onto the '79 wave of mod influences and beyond. So no expert here just a lover of good music. I hope we can encourage posts from this broad church and show the legendary tolerance and acceptance of differences that is Mod. Regardless of age, gender, race or genre be it Blues, Mod Jazz, Soul, Deep Soul, Bluebeat, Rocksteady, Ska, Reggae, Surf/Garage, Latin… Weave those tunes my friends and lets all have a good time ;0)   
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