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About Me:

Im Sarah, I have been into the Mod & Scooter scene for a fair few years. My first interest began when I was a young un and my older sister was part of the 80's mod revival, when she brought home a bf with a Lambretta, that was it, I was hooked! Bar a plastic Suzuki when I was 16 I've not had the money to own a "proper" scoot yet (one day!!) I love rallies and Soul nights and meeting like minded folk, they do seem to be rare tho :(

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Ever changing

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Would like a Vespa Sportique or VBB

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  • York Mod band The 5:15`s debut gig, The Punch Bowl Lowther Street, York Friday August  24 from about 9

  • Alledged yes but my hand and knee are pretty sore and the memory slightly hazy but it does ring a bell lol!! Having to work as well tonight, gutted :-( Glad you both had fun anyway, first time i've ever gone out on my own...Really glad I did!! Let's see what 2012 has in store...Oh and did I end up getting you that lager, I remember looking for you but couldn't see where you'd gone haha? xx

  • Sarah haha!!! Can't believe we ran into eachother last night, I was proper shocked as i'm sure you could see lol!!! Anyway great spot luv and thank you, best dressed lass in there, you made me look good hahaha!!! Hope you had a brilliant night, the music was perfect don't you think? I might have fell at the end of the night but as I can't remember, it's merely a rumour lmao!!! Keep me posted if you're going to the next one...I might even buy you a babysham if you give me some dance lessons hahaha!!! Lots of love, Glenn xxx

  • Lol, no probs luv...Good to hear from you :-)

    Sorry to hear about the Leeds Beach though I can't say i'm surprised. I stopped going there a few years back because of the changes myself, especially all the students, they're harmless but bloody hell it's like being in a youth club lmao!!!!! There were students at the Sheff gig but a bit more of a mixture so I got lucky there I think (excusing the end to the night of course lol) I'ts really difficult finding quality nights now isn't it, but I know they're out there as I say so i'll try a new venture when i'm flush again n let you know. Really interesting on the Brighton Rock story, I was once gonna go for an extra part on "Souled Out" but then remembered i'm a crap dancer so thought better of it haha!!!

    Quiet weekend for me, i've had an abscess all week, second one in 6 months lol, ever get the feeling you're luck just isn't in sometimes lol!!!?? So just being a big softie and taking lots of pills, and no i'm not self medicating on e's for the record lol!!!! But it's getting better so should be fighting fit again soon...How was wakey, never actually been out round there, heard there was always trouble usually? Hope you had a good one anyway and the hangover isn't too bad :-)


    And forget not being with likeminded people, i'm sure you'll have been the bessed dressed lass out there, though of course my opinion is slightly biased lol!!! xxx


  • Anywho! I haven't seen the film but what an experience that must have been! You must have met some really nice people? Are you gonna do something like that again or was it a one off? You're not old 'cause you were diggin' the 90's, I actually say it was like my generation's sixties in some ways...Great music, the country was really positive and even England were winning lol!!! It was around that time I realised what it was I was looking for musically, never looked back...Well always look back but you know what I mean haha!!! How was your weekend, get up to anything as exciting? x

  • Sorry for the delay, been a pretty mad couple of weeks. Ended up going to the Beach in Sheffield...Really enjoyed it, bit more intimate / smaller than Leeds but the dj was amazing, so good night to be fair. Unfortunately my friend who's broke up with his lady after 7 years had a massive panic attack in the taxi. I asked the driver to please drop us off so we could get an ambulance or take us to the nearest hospital...He just shrugged his shoulders and said no no no. Anyway I wasn't sure if he was having a heart attack or something so I freaked out and kicked the window in, threw myself out head first (like you do) and got arrested :-( Worst 12 hours of my life) Luckily the police were brilliant and could see I was hardly a criminal so promised to help me as much as they could. I said i'm happy to pay for any damage but why wouldn't he just let us out? Crazy situation and one I hope never to go through again ta very much lol....

  • Oi oi Sarah!! Hey that looks justy perfect!! Very kind of you to have a nosey around for me, really appreciate your help...You should come up, i'll buy you a shandy to say thanks haha!!! When and how did you get into the music then...And did you get a part on Brighton Rock? Still haven't seen that yet...What a loser lol x

  • Oh well...Worth a try Miss :-) I'll keep looking, I know the clubs I want are out there...Just gotta find 'em lol!!! Many thanks & much love x





  • Hey luv,


    Just wondering if you could recommend any decent nights out somewhere up north? I've got some time coming up off work next week but apart from the Beach in Sheff / Newcastle i'm struggling. I'm not into the northern soul scene so much, more early 6t's r&b / blue eyed soul you know? Just thought i'd ask you being the hipster you quite obviously are lol :-) Cheers me dears x


  • heard empty was good as always , great music , but venue a little small . no way out was

    good as always, very busy . Think you are right with Leeds , not a lot happening, but if you look on soul source web site , that will give you info of most do,s happening around the country .


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