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  • Fuck me. I dunno if YY still uses this. If so, YY send me your phone number & we`ll go for a pint ya knob !

  • Hey Andy, Did ye's get home OK from Brighton? . Send me yer email address and i'll send you that photo from the back of the truct in Morcome or Scarb, Can't remember where it was now, gettin auld. Cheers Gloky.

  • Tried tae txt ye mate,nay joy. Ma new number is07500600774

    Give us a shout and we can eventually  sort out a pint.

    Cheers mate.

  • How you doing Andy,just got yer message, dont really look at my page , always jump in for a nosey on the site then fuck off again.

    As for a beer anytime mate , by and large I am out for a pint on a saturday.

    Should have caught up with you by now but have been keeping the heid since Christmas.

    still got your number,I think, got a new phone and one iof the weans sorted out ma numbers so will go and look for it and check if ytou are there.,

    Gonnae get the bike back on the road this week hopefully,not turned a wheel

    since November.Checked the phone and yer number is there.

    Will txt ye and we can sort out a pint.

  • Hi YY thanks for the reply. Fancy meeting up for a wee blether ?
  • Alright ya mad bassa ye ? Hows tricks mate ? Up the YY !
  • Hi Andy hope you got home safe and drunk.
  • Spot on about those lounges Andy. They were cheap, shielded us from the snow and rain, were always busy, and the company was great. The toilets were a really good size too if I remember correctly.
  • its more cos i work for bm, its more of a if i had all the money i would do it, but it would be a good idea
  • Alright ,Andy.dont even know why i got papped out, innocent as usual,SEEyouve not lost the knack ,ha ha ,I think him and his pal were at it all night and hit the wrong guy ,
    Who was the guy in the grey t shirt who thought he was a bouncer .ive seen him about and told him i will see him shortly (defo)i will find out anyway .Cheer sMate .Yer still a good Man ,True Mod ,
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