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The Moment were one of the best bands from the mid-'80s, perfectly blending hard Rickenbacker guitars with soulful beats to perfect the "Mod Soul" genre effortlessly. Well, now they are back!

Adrian Holder and Robert Moore have teamed up once again to release their latest 7" single on Heavy Soul…

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Mod since early '80s, keen clubber and 45 collector. Started "Rowed Out records" in 2006 and release #25 will be the LP "I know you got a Heavy Soul" out on 6/9/11. I also pen the modzine "Heavy Soul"

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Shake your hips - Slim Harpo I only get this feeling - Chuck Jackson Trouble - Ronnie Walker Mule Train - Count Prince Miller Town called Malice - The Jam

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Vespa 100%

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